Monday, October 20, 2008 much longer can I last?

I'm on the countdown. For work that is. I have this week left and then next week. And quite frankly it can't come soon enough.

You see, at home, its easy. I can walk around bra-less and if I get hot, I can walk around the flat in my undies and a singlet if I want to. At work its a different story. My shoes seem to be getting smaller and I must admit my maternity bra is getting tighter. Note to self: must get a bigger size!

Right now I am sitting at the computer, bra-less, with two wet flannels over my boobs and a wet flannel on my bump. I CANNOT STOP THIS ITCHING! And I scratch it, but not too much.

So far there is no rash, but that hasn't stopped me raiding the various creams and lotions I have stacked under the change table that would normally be used for the baby's bot bot to slather on my boobs and bump.

This morning at 3am, while pacing the loungeroom (naked - I'm so bloody hot these days), it hit me. I will be giving birth, and soon, I will be pacing the loungeroom with a baby. Good lord Jo, its hit you at nearly 36 weeks? Where have you been, denial city?

Sometimes I think because it took us 13 months to conceive this little beauty that its taken longer for the pregnancy to sink in. I'm not sure.

Anyhoo...hurry up work. I have lots to get done. I need an afternoon nap and its not nice walking down Pitt St getting stabbing pains in your noo-na during your lunch break. The general public don't want to see that :)


osmund said...

Wow - 36 weeks!! I am in shock as well, I didn't realise you are so close to your due date.

I hope that you cope with the heat a little better once you are on maternity leave.

osmund said...

PS meant to say also that you look great in the photo.