Sunday, October 12, 2008

How many people does it take to assemble baby furniture?

My husband and I decided that this weekend would be operation baby. We've had houseguests for the past two weeks who left last week to go back to the UK for three months. So, we now have our flat back to ourselves. Just the way we like it. Peaceful. Clean. We can even walk around naked if we want to.

With six weeks to go until our baby arrives, we decided now would be a good idea to get the nursery organised. Because, I am 34 weeks pregnant. Women have given birth at this stage before and we haven't even bought a cot mattress yet.

So, off to Bondi Junction we trot. We decide to get there early as my husband can't face it when there are millions of people around. I of course, could die there quite happily.

We had to get three things: a cot mattress, monitor and Baby Bjorn.

No one explains to you that when you start to buy the baby items, that a whole new world becomes apparent. Did you know there are two types of Baby Bjorns the salesperson in DJ's tells me? No I reply. And a million size different cot mattresses it seems too. We had our measurements written down and because we didn't purchase our cot in DJ's, they can't help us. Why didn't you purchase your cot here we are asked? And do you have a bassinette, as all babies should sleep in bassinettes the ever helpful salesperson informs me.

Looking at my husband, I could see he was getting tetchy. I suggested we purchase the Bjorn with back support and get the hell out of here. The sales person was all of 18 and she was beginning to annoy me.

After four hours, we are in the car heading home. We have the Bjorn, the right sized mattress and a monitor. We can set up our nursery.

We start at 3pm. We clean out the wardrobe and fasdidiously vaccum the room and scrub the windows and mirrors. We take the cot out of its box and start working away.

8 hours later...we have assembled a cot.

My husband is a smart man. He designs major engineering projects and is currently putting together a water treatment plant. This bloody cot tested every ounce of our patience. And its instructions didn't help, they could have been written in Swahalie for all we cared.

But we have a cot. And a change table. The cot even has Bert and Ernie and half the Sesame Street gang in there too. This baby won't be lonely because while my mother was over from Perth earlier on it the year she ensured the baby would have more friends on the wall in the form of stars, ducks and cows jumping over moons. I've somehow let my mother design the room when I had an idea of how I wanted it to be. But strangely it works. I like it. I like getting up in the middle of the night when the baby is kicking and walking in there. I imagine peering into the cot and seeing a baby in there.

Baby, your room is nearly ready. We still have a few more things to do, but with 6 weeks to go, your dad and I are nearly there.



Kirrily said...

The room looks great Jo, I look forward to sharing your journey through this blog!

Simone said...

just found your blog jo. the room looks great, not long to go now.