Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life is changing already

I am so excited. Tonight I just ordered our pram on the internet. I'm in love with it and I've maxed out my credit card this week (must not tell Richard this).

Its a Steelcraft Strider 4 and its in red. I have to get red as red goes faster, right? I did like the pebble colour but thought red was more 'us'. My husband goes for the Sydney Swans and Liverpool and I'm a Freo Dockers supporter and no doubt the baby will be co-erced into supporting one of these teams and they all feature the red colour.

Plus my dear mum bought the baby red crocs. In minature. It'll colour co-ordinate at least!

So, I am so excited about our pram. I don't drive at the moment so I plan to use it a lot with long walks to Surry Hills while I am on maternity leave for grocery market trips and lunches with me and the babe. And Richard wants to do laps around Centennial Park on Saturday mornings with the baby, but now he is torn - Strider or Bjorn?

I remember when our Saturday mornings consisted of sunglasses, hangovers and fried breakfasts at a greasy spoon! Now we'll be up with the birds! And we love that now...I think Richard has had two hangovers in all my pregnancy...

Last night Rich took a 35 week preggie shot for me. I'm stressing as I think I have dropped slightly and now I am wondering if the baby is going to come early. But I am still short of breath so I don't think I have - maybe its the photo.

We also see Ellie our midwife tomorrow morning. Rich is coming so he'll hear the heartbeat which he loves and hopefully she'll be able to tell us a bit more about our bubba.

I'm getting excited now. Bubba - are you a boy or girl? Are you excited about meeting us? So many people love you so much already...I can't wait for you to meet everyone...

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