Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My man...

Lately I have been thinking about how much I love my husband. I do love him so, so much. Throughout pregnancy he's just been terrific. He's patient and will listen to me prattle on about anything to do with babies or pregnancy. He even watches all the birth shows I am subjecting myself to on the Health channel (including Jon and Kate + 8 - I am addicted to this show). I just know he's going to be a terrific father.

Richard has so much more patience than me. I am seriously too impatient and he just has it in bucketloads. I think our kid is just going to love that.

If I had to pick what I love about him the most, its that he has integrity. He's very thoughtful and will think before he speaks.

When Richard was a baby his mum noticed that he had a curvature of the spine and throughout primary and high school he had to wear a brace for his scoliosis. At 17 he went through a major operation where his lung had to be deflated and his back had to be cut open to create a steel rod to go on either side of his spine. We've talked about this a lot and what he went through at school and with his health. I think he's the bravest man I've ever met. He refuses to feel sorry for himself and is so positive about everything life has to offer.

When we left London I got all his family and friends together and organised a big suprise party for him. Moving to Australia was one of his dreams and he wasn't sure if he could do it on his own which is why after six weeks together, he asked me to come with him. I immediately said yes even though I was very happy with my London life at that point - something inside of me said it was the right decision to take an adventure with this man. The party itself was a massive success. I organised an Asian Elvis impersonator that had once given him and his mates a cab ride home after a big night out. The venue was also where he had his 21st and it was during that evening that Richard pulled me into the adjoining room and told me one day he would ask me to marry him. It felt like that even though we had lived on opposite sides of the world for our whole lives, there was a reason why I moved to London when I did and it was to find Richard.

Some things in life are just meant to be and I remember the scared 27 year old me who got on that plane in Perth and decided to go to London for a while and have a huge adventure. Secretly, I wanted the adventure to find me my soulmate and it did. I thank god every day that I said goodbye to all I ever knew and found the man of my dreams.

Love you sweetheart xx

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