Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An ode to Charlie

On the 27th November 2005 my first niece was born, Charlize (Charlie) Collyer-Braby. I have three brothers and my middle brother David had Charlie with his wife Emma. At the time David and Emma had only been together about 2 months. The pregnancy was a shock for all of us and I happened to be in Perth when David announced the news. He announced it by handing me an ultrasound photo. My mother couldn't stop crying.

Since Charlie, my other brother Ross and his fiancee Amanda have had two boys - Jack and Harry. Everyone in our family loves these kids so much, but for some reason Charlie holds a special place in all our hearts.

Maybe its because she is a girl.

I remember meeting her for the first time and holding her. I thought my heart would explode and I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by that feeling. She looked at me with these big eyes and stuck her hand in her mouth.
Charlie is now nearly 3 and my mum babysits her each Tuesday. I call up when I come home from work to talk to her each week. Last night, this is how the conversation went:

Charlie: HELLO?????????

Me: Charlie, its me, Jo-Jo

Charlie: Doh-Doh!!!! Can I talk to Richard? Where's Richard? Is the baby in Richard's belly?

Me: No, its in my belly. Richard's at work but he will call you when he comes home.

Charlie: Oh. Doh-Doh, today nanny took me on the slippery dip and we had sgetti (spaghetti) and I want to talk to Richard.
Me: That's great Charlie. Richard is coming home tonight to put stars on the ceiling for the baby's room.

Charlie: Me and nanny get on a plane to Sydney and see Richard and the baby????

I love talking to her. And she loves Richard.

Richard doesn't have to do a lot. He can sit on the couch drinking a beer and Charlie will gravitate onto his lap and start twirling his hair.

She is such a GOOD kid. My mum reckons she's 3 going on 30. She susses people out pretty quickly so I think her judgement of character is going to be good when she's older. She also loves other kids and babies. So much so, I think she's dying for a baby brother or sister.
Unfortunately, I don't think David and Emma want any more kids. Its just as well we have our little one on the way as I think they will be great mates. Hence the reason why I am keen to move back to Perth next year, so these little guys can get to know one another.

Anyway, Charlie is a dream come true and her birth was met with so much happiness in our family. Having her as a flowergirl on our wedding day meant the world to me. And she was such a trooper for someone who had to wear a big fluffy white dress on a 45 degree day.

Our baby is due on the 21 November. I wonder if I go late and it comes on Charlie's birthday? We'll see I guess.

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Chantelle said...

She's soooooo cute. x