Thursday, October 30, 2008

We before me?

Currently in my latter pregnancy stages (37 weeks as of tomorrow), whatever I put on feels too tight, or warm, or restricting or hot. Seriously, if you could walk around in miu-miu’s 24/7 I’d be a happy lady.

Fortunately, work finishes up tomorrow and that’s the end of restricting work suits and the like. If I choose to spend a day at home next week, I can go bra-less if I want (my favourite thing right now for some reason).

I just headed out at lunchtime to Barkins to see if I was able to find some maxi dresses that I could wear with some cardigans. I spied them in the shop window the other day and they looked very comfy and expandable over the bump. Unfortunately when I tried them on they were very see-through and I decided best not to buy them.

While wandering through the store, I decided to look at their sleepwear section as I need to pack the labour bag this weekend. The baby’s is packed and so is Richard’s. Mine is not.

I’m finding its becoming a common theme lately. I’m more concerned the baby has enough cute clothes and wraps for hospital and that Richard has snacks and drinks and a toothbrush to see him through the long hours of labour than myself. Aren’t I the one giving birth?

It’s the same with shopping. I am finding it increasingly harder to buy something for myself. I’d rather spend the money on the baby or get something nice for Richard since he’s working so hard right now.

I desperately need my hair cut and coloured right now, but I keep putting it off for other stuff. I remember my mum doing this a lot when we were kids. One day I caught her sewing up her bra. ‘Mum, please buy yourself a new bra! ‘ - I think I was 13 at the time when I said this to her. She explained to me when I became a mum, I would understand. And I think I do now, but I also believe there has to be a balance where you don’t neglect yourself as well.

So with that in mind, I got myself some funky new pj’s for the hospital. Three quarter length grey marle cotton pants and a purple baby doll style tank top with white stars on it. Totally impractical for breastfeeding of course! But, I’m looking forward to that shower after birth and settling down on the bed with my new baby and husband and having that first family photo together.

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Kristy said...

I went into the Hunter St Barkins last week as well, but got the strangest looks from everyone as though they were channelling 'this is not a maternity shop' to me! As for putting your kids before yourself, if you didn't you'd get criticsed for being selfish, and if you do people tell you that you are still a person and not to make your kids your whole life! You just can't win, so find that balance that makes you happy I say.