Friday, October 24, 2008

The weekend is nearly here...

Thank god. This week seems to have dragggeeedddd.

Rich and I had a good start to Friday morning. Well, almost, if it wasn't for that bloody banshee screaming bird that lives outside our bedroom window. Four mornings in a row its been making extreme calling/mating sounds with no other birdlife responding. It starts at 5am and I'd be a lot happier if it started at 6am when my alarm went off.

Anyway, I digress.

Richard's parents have now booked their flights to come to Sydney. They arrive on the 4th March next year to meet their new grandchild and Richard is really excited. He really misses his parents and I know the pregnancy has been hard on him, with not being able to share it with them, unless you count updating them on the phone. I guess we have both felt that, as my family is in Perth, so, yeah its been tough but good for us both I think too.

Rich also got up early to make a trip down to Surry Hills post office at 6am to collect our pram (go the Steelcraft Strider 4 in red!!) which came in a big box and with a big postal bag of clothes from my lovely sister in law Amanda.

I hope the pram is not a big bother to put together (like the cot). I'm sure it will be fine.

And I can't wait to put one of the teddies in it and take it for a test run around the apartment!

Apart from that, this weekend I am getting all Aggie and Kim-like and will be nesting to my heart's content. I'm on a mission to save more space in our tiny two bed flat. I've bought plastic boxes and wardrobe hangings from Bunnings and I am re-doing our whole walk in wardrobe. Jesus, life has changed! Next I'll be overdosing on Tupperware.

And maybe, we might get to see that new Simon Pegg film in Gold Class since we have been overdosing on Magnums lately (the wrappers include a free upgrade to Gold Class).

Have a great weekend everyone!



Simone said...

oh gold class. i have never done that. i keep promising myself i will do it when we go back to australia for holidays. the cinemas here are so old and crappy that the normal cinemas are so much better

Chantelle said...

Guess what I'm listening to just outside my window right now at almost 5am?

A beloved storm bird. If only yours and mine would get together and just flock off!