Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday...two more sleeps to go

Just a quick one from me as I have a chicken roast waiting to be eaten...

We went to church this morning on the insistence of Richard. It was really rather lovely until a family of four sat in front of us with the two cutest kids and seeing their little faces just made me cry. Pick the hormonal pregnant woman who now cries when she see's kids. It was a lovely mass and I just prayed and prayed that all will be ok on Tuesday.

Afterwards we got a head holder thingy for the capsule and some nappy bags for the disposal unit at Toys R Us. Then Richard dropped me and mum off for a pedicure and we then treated ourselves to a head shoulder and back massage in Surry Hills. God that was nice. I told the lady if she could find any acupressure points, point away please. But still nothing tonight!

I'm a bit worried about Rich. He's been quiet and a little bit moody today, but I am putting it all down to nerves. I think his patience has now worn thin and he's eager to see the baby come out safe and well. He had a nap this afternoon and then got up and sorted out the capsule and Bjorn for me so I think he's back on form now. I feel sorry for blokes, they go through such a tough transition as well.

I hope you all had a great weekend...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deep clean Friday

Today mum and I went to Bunnings. I do love Bunnings. Call me an old, boring fart but I actually take great satisfaction shopping there. Richard and I go there nearly every Saturday morning and treat ourselves to the local netball team's sausage in a bun.

Today we bought this excellent shower cleaner that you basically spray on, leave overnight and voila, clean white tiles the following morning.

I can smell it simmering away already while everyone is asleep :)

Mum and I are going to do 'deep clean Friday' of the flat tomorrow. She's clean obsessed like me. Its so sad really. I once got a brochure in the post from a cleaning company that had a cartoon saying 'a clean house is a sign of a wasted life'. They obviously wanted our business!

As you can probably guess, I am 40w + 7d overdue, so the best subject matter I can come up with right now for this blog is about cleaning. I promise once I've popped I'll be talking about more interesting things.

Like poo or vomit :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Oh the joys of being awake since 4am this morning. I better get used to it.

It seems my friend the 'bird' has decided to come back outside our window. And they've bought a friend. Chantelle will know what I am talking about!

I also have a husband who has severe man flu at the moment. It sounds like he is going to take off when the snoring starts going.

And let's not forget our lovely neighbours who decide to start their doof-doof music at various intervals, like at 2am, 3am and 4am. Narelle and Nicole are what I call these two girls. They sound like total bogans and fight constantly over clothes, shoes and men. I know this as I heard them have a massive argument at 2am about these three things. Just you wait girls, I'll have a lovely newborn for you to hear soon :)

However, my mum is here and that makes everything worthwhile. Its so lovely to have her here and it seems like everything is more real now. She bought us a gorgeous cot mobile which took the three of us an hour to put together last night but it looks awesome on the cot.


Monday, November 24, 2008

My most favourite little people

My sister in law Amanda sent me some photo's last night of my niece and nephews. My mum took Charlie down to Margaret River last weekend to see her little cousins and they went to an animal farm. I just LOVE these photos and really miss these guys today. Charlie and Jack are great little mates:

And here is a pic of the chubbiest and cutest kid in the world, Harry (Jack's little brother):

I am sure if I was around the three of them today, surely the noise they would create would help Baby Spillane out of my belly?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A life makeover

Today I have been thinking about some of the positive life changes I would like to make after our baby is born. Richard and I have been talking a lot lately about the type of parents we would like to be. I've noticed Richard has been exercising more lately and he's committed to becoming healthier for the sake of our family. He's made some positive changes to his lifestyle in the last couple of weeks and he's inspired me.

A kinesioligist that I see on a casual basis sends me a monthly newsletter and this month she talked about 'Life Makeovers'. She suggested we ask ourselves these questions each morning, and write them in our journal/blog/kitchen whiteboard or whatever takes your fancy:

This morning I feel…
I’m always daydreaming about…
My nagging inner voice keeps telling me to…
The thoughts that roll around in my head are…
My soul longs to…
What I’m most afraid of is…
My inner critic tells me…
What I’m most grateful for is…

So, here are my answers. I'd like you to try them too:

This morning I feel…secure and loved
I’m always daydreaming about…our baby
My nagging inner voice keeps telling me to…clean our bathrooms again before the baby arrives
The thoughts that roll around in my head are…when is the baby coming? Will Richard be ok during the birth? Will giving birth hurt?
My soul longs to…hold the three of us together in my arms
What I’m most afraid of is…something bad happening in hospital
My inner critic tells me…I have no idea what is about to happen
What I’m most grateful for is…the beautiful life I have right now

Friday, November 21, 2008

40 weeks today

The due date has arrived. Richard woke me up this morning and said 'Happy Due Date!'.

Unfortunately, I don't think Baby Spillane knows its the due date. Or if they do, they've decided to have a yawn, roll over and go back to sleep.

So with that in mind, today I am going to buy a pineapple and start some serious brewing in my spotted tea pot. Did I mention I am impatient? Yes, I am.

Anyway, tonight my old flatmate from my Perth days, Maree and her new husband Tom are going to come over for a glass of champagne. They got married last Sunday and have stopped over in Sydney via Fiji for their honeymoon. I'm really looking forward to seeing them both and hearing about their wedding. I wonder if I could have a tiny sip of champagne? I haven't drunk anything during the whole pregnancy but in the last two days I have been dreaming about a small glass of chilled champagne with a strawberry in it. I think if Richard poured me a glass I'd just feel too guilty.

And then I'll look forward to a lovely weekend with Richard. Mum gets here on Tuesday afternoon to stay for two weeks and I am SO excited about her arrival. She's great company and I know I'll feel instantly calmer when she arrives. Last night she decided to tell me that I was overdue when she was pregnant with me and she had an induction at 40w + 10 d! She thinks the pregnancy I've had has been the exact pregnancy she had with me. So maybe its a sign.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well I have a date for induction - 2nd December.

This morning I had a stretch and sweep and more positive eviction vibes from my midwives Ellie and Hayley, bless them.

I rang Richard and my mum afterwards. The poor things, they are having kittens. I'm just getting really least there is a date out there and if things happen naturally before then so be it.

And at least I know the baby will be here before Xmas at least. With that in mind, I bought a cute three pack of suits for Xmas Day today. There are some cute little things out there right now for Xmas.

Here are my little purchases:

And I just couldn't resist this cute little outfit from Bonds, they have the best stuff:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

39 weeks and 4 days

Richard took this picture of me last night after I finished eating dinner. I look so tired and pretty much felt like buddha.

I keep wondering how big the baby will be. I was only 6.5 pounds when I was born and Richard was 7.8 pounds. If you average out that figure it seems like a nice size. Anyway, whatever the baby will be, it will be.

I'm starting to get really tired now. And really impatient. And dare I say it, a bit tetchy. All quite normal really. Its the final days/weeks and its to be expected.

I liken it to sitting up on top of a rollercoaster, waiting to fall down and take the ride, like the analogy they used in Parenthood. You never know what is around the corner :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Telle has tagged me. I have no idea how to go about tagging anyone else, so I might have to get some instructions from Telle or Simone? I'm still new to the blogging stuff :)

So here are 7 random/weird things about me:

1) I have an obsession with celebrity culture/movies/music etc. You could ask me anything about Angelina or Paris and I could probably reel off who their boyfriend was in Year 8. Yes, my head is full of useless crap. However, it's helped me out many times at quiz nights.

2) Each Wednesday I go to the newsagent and pay $14 to buy the UK version of HELLO and OK! That is a stupid amount of money to waste on something that goes in the recycling bin at the end of the day. Secretly, I love reading about the aristocrats in HELLO and fancy having a cottage in the Cotswalds myself. I can dream on.

3) I once had Christmas dinner with the UK supermodel Liberty Ross and her film director husband Rupert Saunders. I had no idea who she was when I was introduced to her. I remember asking her over dinner what she did. 'I'm a model' she said. 'Oh. Would I have seen you in anything?' I asked. 'Yes, I have a contract with Givenchy and Dior'. Que gulp from me. When I got home and googled her, I realised she was the next Kate Moss. So much for my celebrity knowledge. She was a nice girl though.

4) I had my first ever bikini wax last Friday. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and now I'm going to keep a promise to myself to have them more often.

5) I hate my teeth. I should have begged my parents to have braces when I was a teenager, but with four kids, money was a bit tight back then. I could have them now I guess, but I'd feel a bit weird. I have looked into getting my teeth capped though and when I move back to Perth I will get it done. I don't mind the gap in my front two teeth, but I hate my peg tooth. I'm really self conscious about smiling sometimes, although I am better than I used to be.

6) I am a stutterer. I have been since I was a kid. I've learnt to control it now and I only ever stutter if I am really tired or stressed. There are some days where I get really frustrated with it if I haven't slept well. But I've met other stutterers and I know mine is quite mild. I just have to remember to control my breathing and then I am fine.

7) As a kid my idol was Olivia Newton John. My mum bought me a tape recorder and the Grease cassette, along with a Grease t-shirt and plastic high heel shoes with bling. I remember wearing that t-shirt and shoes everywhere. One weekend mum drove me and her down to Albany, 5 hours south of Perth. I had my tape recorder and tried to put my cassette in so I could listen to Grease. The cassette wouldn't go in, so I jumped up and down on the tape recorder until it would. I broke it. I howled for the next four hours in the car. Mum said it was the worst car ride of her life.

If anyone can give me directions on how to tag someone, I will :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ok, I am ready

I know I technically have until Friday next week before I am 40 weeks, but I'm impatient.

Everything is done!

Toenails - check, done
Legs shaved - check
Bikini line waxed - that's an experience for a first timer let me tell you
Eyebrows waxed - check
Eyelashes tinted - check
Hair foiled, cut and conditioned - check
Baby clothes washed - check
In fact everything in the nursery laundered - check
Bassinette attachment arrived - check
Baby capsule installed - check
Birth Skills read - check
Save our Sleep read - check
Checking my undies for the 80th time each day - check

I'm trying very hard to be patient. And I still may have a while yet.

My mum is calling me daily at 9am and 5pm. Richard has programmed our home phone that when she calls a foghorn sounds. His parents have an irish jig tone when they call. Its the same conversation each day 'Anything Jo Jo?'. 'No mum'.

Ok. I'm off to cook dinner and see if there is anything else in the flat I can napisan!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I can't wait to move back home

I lived in Perth my whole life before I left at age 27, with the exception of three years in Karratha, a mining town in north west WA from age 17-19. I remember loving my life in Perth and having my family around the corner, but I knew bigger and better things were waiting for me and I needed to get out and explore the world.

Now, after 6 years away from it, I can't wait to go back. Fortunately, Richard loves it too and thinks we can make a great life there with our little family.

I can't wait to take the baby here:

Mettams Pool. I remember mum taking us there as kids after school when it was a real stinker of a day and we'd eat chicken and salad and drink lemonade and watch the sun set. The water is really clear and its the perfect kids beach. Its like Sydney's Clovelly but with less people.

Also, the sunsets are to die for. Each night I'd go for a big walk after work and see this view:

Sydney has been fantastic to us and I've loved our time here. But we are getting increasingly frustrated with it. If we had family here it might be different. I've noticed Richard getting really tense whilst driving, even though he seemed to cope fine in London traffic. Our hearts are just not here. It also frustrates me we live in this huge country and we live in a two bedroom flat. I'd love some more space and in Perth there is space everywhere.

Its very different to Sydney, not as fast paced and I've heard a lot of people call it boring. But I think you make your own fun! I was never bored in Perth, although I know I will miss the convenience of all the shopping and services in Sydney and the way the harbour and beaches twinkle.

Hopefully, 2009 will be our year, and we'll be back in Perth by June.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My most favourite food, ever...

During pregnancy I've had cravings for fresh fruit. I will stand in the Greengrocers and just sniff everything on offer. Its what I love about spring/summer the most.

In particular, I would have to say fresh strawberries and vanilla icecream is my all time favourite treat. You could literally give me five bowls of the stuff and I would probably eat it in about 2 minutes right now.

Today I went to Eastgardens to kill some time this afternoon and strawberries were on special for $1 each, so naturally I stocked up. I'm trying not to gorge on icecream too much right now (although I think the baby secretly loves it!) as my weight is hovering around the 92kg mark and I don't want to make things harder for myself when it comes time to lose weight after the birth.

So tonight for dinner I am making:
Chicken kebabs with teriyaki sauce
Avocado salad
Baby potatoes with mint and butter

Apple, strawberry and peach fruit bowl

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well today was kinda interesting.

We got the car capsule fitted at the hospital (big a-ha moment right there for both of us). God, our car is so small. We can literally only fit the three of us in it. Oh well, it'll be fine. Richard is suggesting we do practice runs with the teddybear on Saturday morning to see how we'll work it as being a three door car one of us will need to sit in the back to receive the baby, put it in the car seat etc. While we were getting paperwork sorted, I could hear the guy parked next to us. He had a brand new Mercedes Benz and it seemed he was getting the grand-daddy of car seats fitted. I smiled at him when I walked out of the office and he goes 'we couldn't decide whether to put the car seat in the Audi Quattro or the Merc, but Merc it is, my wife likes to drive it!'.

I got in the car only to hear Rich go 'oh what a wanker'...

Anyway! We have the car seat! I think it looks rather cute and I can't wait to put the bubba in it.

Then it was off for my appointment. The baby is still not engaged, head is down though, but must be having a party in there as its hiccupping nearly all the time! I recall I used to hiccup quite a lot after a few drinks!

All is looking good though. Next Wednesday is 39 weeks and 5 days so Ellie has pleaded with me to have this baby before she goes back to Dublin to get married and will book me in for an induction if nothing has happened by next week. So at least next Wednesday I might have a date to go by. Mum gets here on the 25th so as long as its after that I will be happy as larry. To be honest, I am quite happy to wait. I know this baby will come when its good and ready.

This afternoon I went to Yummy Mummy in Paddington for a beautiful 3rd trimester mummy to be treatment. Highly recommended! I had a facial and eye design but felt awfully hot and had to re-arrange myself a few times as my tummy was siezing up a bit. Then I had a mani/pedi and blowdry and oh my, I felt like a new person afterwards. This place also has a creche so I reckon its a great idea. You can also go there for general beauty treatments as well and the staff were friendly and very understanding when I had to ask for my water, or go to the loo for the umpteenth time.

Tomorrow I am off to the hospital again for a breastfeeding class which should be interesting. I'm keen to get a head start if I can.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Born equal

Last night on Foxtel I was channel surfing and came across a BBC one off drama called Born Equal.

With an all-star cast, Born Equal is a major new drama from Bafta-winning writer and director Dominic Savage. The action is centred around a B&B temporarily housing the homeless and dispossessed. Mark (Colin Firth) is a wealthy city worker whose conscience and guilt about his luxurious lifestyle prompt him to try to help those less fortunate. Staying at the B&B are: Michelle (Anne-Marie Duff), a pregnant mother with a young child, who has escaped an abusive husband, Yemi (David Oyelowo), his wife Itshe (Nikki Amuka-Bird) and their young daughter, Adanna, who have fled the threat of violence in their native Nigeria and Robert (Robert Carlyle), newly released from prison and embarking on a search for his mother.

I missed the last half an hour of it as Richard wanted to watch football highlights (like husband's do), so I googled some more info about it this morning:

Born Equal started life as a film about homelessness but, as the director Dominic Savage embarked upon his research, a markedly different film began to take shape."When I began to look into the problem of homelessness, my sense was that there was a really big issue around people living in temporary accommodation for long periods of time." They're known as the 'hidden homeless' because, although they've got a roof over their heads, it's far from being a home."Savage visited a number of these hostels and met many different people who generously shared their stories with him - stories he says he'll never forget. "I was struck by the diverse reasons why people end up in those places: a fall from grace, a relationship break-up, coming out of prison, leaving the Army, being a refugee. All of those different stories come together in this one place and, for me, that was the starting-point of the film." One of the hostels Savage visited was located in London's Swiss Cottage, literally around the corner from a row of multi-million-pound homes. "I knew then that one of the issues I really wanted to deal with was the extremes of difference in people's lives - and, in a place like London, those extremes can be experienced within just a few streets. People can be in hugely different worlds but sharing the same space. "The film shows huge contrasts between people and how they live, their ideas, what they've got and what they haven't got," says Savage, who points out that although the film is set in London, the same contrasts can be seen all over Britain. "In the end, what the film aspires to achieve is to encourage people to think more about others, care about the less fortunate and be more aware of what's going on around them."

When I lived in London it amazed me that I was living in such a financially rich city, yet I saw some things that shocked me to the core. I remember walking out of a tube station once and seeing a homeless man with one eye, begging for money. Or the time I was sitting in a restaurant and watched a homeless man sniffing glue with a very sad look on his face.

And it still happens here in Sydney too.

One line I liked from the movie was 'we all live under the same sky'. So true! Rich, poor, we all live under the one sky and are no different to anyone else. We all feel things and can be hurt. Or we can all try and love one another that little bit more.

Monday, November 10, 2008

3 things in life I am grateful for...

Inspired by Chantelle (yet again hee hee) has made me think about what I am grateful for in my life right now.

I'll be greedy today and show you my three. I think about these three things constantly.

My husband Richard

I never ever knew that men like Richard existed. I wish someone had konked me over the head in my younger 20's and told me to stop wasting my time with loosers and deadbeats and just enjoy life, knowing that I would meet Richard just before I turned 29. Each day I love him more and more and I know we will be together forever. There is such a comfort in knowing that, that this man is willing to accept me for all that I am right now and all I will be in the future. Plus he's got the sexiest legs I've ever seen :)

My mum and dad - John & Bernie

My sister in law Amanda once said to me 'You know what Jo, you are very lucky to have parents like your mum and dad that are still together after all this time and love their kids like they do'. Mum and dad have been married for 35 years and still hold hands. They also drive each other crazy too, they are like chalk and cheese. But it works. Growing up I remember some really tough times where the six of us really had to pull through and get things going again and as the oldest child a lot of that responsibility fell on me, but that's just what it was. I also haven't been the easiest daughter (19-21 years of age was not a good time for us three!) but our relationship now is great and they adore Richard. Mum and dad are terrific company as well. Only now that I am pregnant I am beginning to realise how selfless mum and dad have been throughout my life. I talk to mum and dad nearly every two days and get very scared when I think about a life with them not in it.

My bump

It took just over 13 months to get this little beauty into my belly but the wait was worth it. Some days I wondered whether it would ever happen but I just tried to keep my faith that life would work out the way it was intended to. I remember when I took the pregnancy test and ran to the phone with my undies around my ankles to call Richard. That night we went for a walk and stared up at the moon and said how thankful we were to whoever blessed us.

Its been such a good little bump. I've had a lovely pregnancy except from week 34-36 where I caught some virus and felt very crap, but that wasn't the baby's fault, it was more me.

It still amazes me that I have a living, breathing and kicking person in my belly. I swear some days I am still not able to process the magnitude of it all.

This morning at 3am I could feel little hands and fingers poking about and as I lay in bed cooing 'hello little one' I just felt an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. In that moment I felt truly grateful for what we've been given.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friends are like gold...

Yesterday Rich and I headed to Coogee Bowls for a combined birthday party for our friends Willie and Terry.

While we have been in Sydney I've been amazed at how many generous and beautiful people we have met. Everyone in our group is either Scottish, English or Irish but now there are a few more Aussie girls as all the blokes start to get engaged and pair off. And last night we met a few more people and had a fabulous time. One couple had a two year old and a four week old and another guy was starting his residency over at Randwick as a doctor, I joked he might be seeing a lot more of me soon!

Even though I cannot bend over to bowl a ball right now, I loved how yesterday was just bare foot and relaxed, with kids mingling everywhere and people commented on how good life is right now. It makes me think we are so lucky to live in Australia. We can go and play a few games of bowls with cheap jugs of beer and then have a bbq afterwards and chat about all sorts of things.

We had an early berth as I was getting a bit tired, but Richard commented that everyone is so excited for us. We don't have any family in Sydney but these guys are just like family and it certainly felt like that at our wedding too. I can't count the number of times we've pulled together when someone is ill or something has happened back home that knocks them for six. And to think we are adding another little person, it blows me away how much they will be loved by all their surrogate Aunties and Uncles.

I feel very very lucky to live in Sydney and have all these great people around us.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My love of all things Irish

Growing up, my mum told me a lot of stories about her mum and dad. My grandfather, John Duffy, was born in Glasgow, when his mother was taking a weekend trip from Derry, Northern Ireland while in the final stages of her pregnancy.

My grandfather was in the same room as me when he died. He was babysitting me when I was about 6 weeks old and I was in the bassinette next to his bed. My grandmother had died 5 months earlier and my mum thinks my grandfather died of a broken heart, he was lost without her. My grandmother organised everything in terms of money, the house, the five kids, his business. My grandfather's favourite pass time after Sunday morning church was to put on his suit, hat and go and visit everyone. He loved to talk and everyone loved him to pieces.

That night, my Auntie Dolly was taking care of both me and my grandfather and she came in to check on me. She noticed my grandfather had stopped breathing.

I've known from a young age, how much I love John and my grandmother Georgina. My mum's sisters tell me wonderful stories about them and their marriage. A lot went down in their life. Some of which they have chosen not to tell me, I don't know why. I figure they loved each other very much but maybe my grandmother tired of taking care of everything. I've always felt close to them though, and know they have guided me and protected me.

When I was a teenager, mum's side of the family used to organise a family reunion called Duff-Speak. All the Brodericks, Duffy's and McGuinnesses would gather to drink and eat and at the end of the night we'd sit in a big circle and tell stories of the past. I loved those nights. I always felt sad at the end though, as I had this yearning for John and Georgina to be there. But I think they were.

When I lived in London, at the first opportunity, I went to County Cork in Ireland to stay with my second cousin John McGuinness. We had a wonderful time and he helped fill me in on the past. He had an old cottage in a valley with a statue of Mary lit up on either side of the valley. It felt like a magical place.

When I met Richard, I was delighted to discover his parents were Irish. His mum is from Buncrana in Donegal and his dad is from Listowel in Kerry. I've been fortunate to go back to both these places with him. His mum's family home in Buncrana is my favourite. The home is now a farm where his Uncle Paddy and Auntie Mary lived and its set up on a huge hill overlooking a lake. I would give anything to live there one day. Richard's grandmother Martha birthed all five children in that home and you can literally hear stories as you walk down the long hallway.

I feel so lucky to have come back full circle with Richard and his family history. It makes me think John and Georgina had a hand in us meeting. I know they would love him.

We've decided that when the baby is born we'll be giving them the middle names of our grandparents. If its a boy its middle names will be John James and if its a girl, the middle names will be Georgina Martha.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Being a housewife...

Is something that I am not used to.

Yes, I know its day two of maternity leave. Already I feel a bit lost. A bit guilty even. I know I shouldn't, but I've been working since I was 16. It feels strange to sleep in till 8am and not go to work.

Today I had all of my jobs done by 10am. What next? All the washing was done, I had even ironed the basket of washing waiting for me. Richard secretly loves that dinner is waiting for him and he has a wardrobe full of work shirts ready for the week. The flat has never sparkled so much!

I know I shouldn't be talking like this. I should be enjoying all this free time, because I'll be craving it very soon.

I am spending a lot of time going to the loo and paying a lot of attention to checking each twinge and kick. I'm growing impatient, but then patience was never one of my strong suits. My mind keeps thinking about how I will go into labour. Will it be on the bus? Will it be on a Friday night? Will it be when Richard has just left for work? WHEN ARE YOU COMING BABY????

It also seems that everyone in our apartment block is waiting for the baby to come too. I went to check our mailbox at 3pm. 'Is your baby not here yet?' says the caretaker. 'No, still a couple of weeks to go' I smile. Even the gay couple on Level 2 seem excited about the baby.

Anyway, I am back for another appointment at Randwick tomorrow and will see Ellie and the student midwife Hayley. I am sure at 38 weeks there will be nothing new except my stretchmarks that have decided to appear on my lower belly.

Motherhood is a practice in patience, and its my goal this week to learn it :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanks Telle!

My friend Chantelle did this on her blog and great minds must think alike, cos I was going to do this for my next blog entry as well! I love the Mind Body and Soul portion of the Sunday papers :)

Cheers matey, hope you like my answers :)

I am obsessed family and music. I love the little family Rich and I have created and will soon meet and I adore my parents, brothers, fiancees/wives and nieces/nephews. I love how its just gotten bigger. Richard's family are very dear to me, but I must admit I am still finding my way with them, but I do love them very much. Music I can talk about till I am blue in the face. A favourite song always brightens up my day.

Am petrified of death. I try not to think about it - at all, too much living to be done.

Am proud of my husband. I just think he's the best and I feel so lucky to be with him.

Really need to find more time for improving my mind. There is a lot going on up there and I think I fill it with a lot of junk.

Don't get why people in this world need everything now. No one has any patience any more. My parents bought a new tv and lounge suite when we all left home. I don't understand why you would put something on credit when you can't pay for it there and then.

Think alternative medicine is always something to be considered, its helped me out on many occassions.

Relax by reading and taking a walk.

Am excited about giving birth soon and becoming a mother and seeing my husband's face when he hold's his child for the first time. I think my heart will just explode.

My worst vice is putting too much butter on corn, potatoes, you name it. In fact my grandmother said to my mother that she didn't like that about my dad when mum bought him home for dinner for the first time. Like father, like daughter.

Fridge usually contains filtered water, fruit, vegies and leftovers.

Family is my reason for living.

Friends don't understand why I love cleaning my home so much.

Attitude to exercise is I dread it, but I always feel brilliant afterwards.

Relationship with my body right now is good because I am pregnant and I am in awe of how it takes on a mind of its own. Pre-pregnancy and I am sure, post-pregnancy, I will go back to hating it. This has to change.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oooh...a bit of a treat for me and the old man

Have I told you about my Magnum addiction? Its making my arse look like a cauliflower right now.

If you purchase a Magnum and you print off the voucher from the internet and take the wrapper to Greater Union and pay for a normal movie ticket, you get a free upgrade.

We attempted to go last Sunday, but Richard forgot to print off the vouchers at work and thought we could just use the wrappers. So I got organised this week and off we went to see the new Guy Ritchie movie RocknRolla.

We entered the bar area, all nice and swish with red tea lights and perused the menu. Rich ordered chicken dippers and a light beer, I had a diet coke and some ridiculous sundae with crushed maltesers (must diet after the baby is born). 'Would you like your food delivered to your seat?'. Yes please.

We were ushered to our big comfy reclining chairs. Very nice. And a button to adjust it. Unfortunately that didn't help me too much as I can only breathe if I am sitting at a 90 degree angle.

And then little Junior Spillane decided it was a good idea to start its aerobics class in my belly. Man, this child can kick! And then the headbutting started and the pressure on my bladder saw me go to the toilet about 90 times in the first 15 mins of the film. Finally, he/she settled down. I got comfy again but with my first spoonful of sundae accidentally spilt it down my white cardigan and white singlet. I think I need a bib these days, I am so awkward in co-ordinating a spoon to go anywhere near my mouth. Clumsiness - that's me.

Anyway, we are hooked on the Gold Class experience. We've decided that we'll see the new Bond movie Quantam Solice when it premieres there as well.

And its so nice to do these little treats together with Richard before junior is here. We don't treat ourselves too often, but this was really nice to do together for the first time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Next stop...mumma-hood

Well, its here. Finally here. Maternity leave. I had a big cry this morning while doing the breakfast dishes. I was thinking about putting the next load of washing on and getting Richard's work shirts done and pondering what I would wear to work next week and it hit me. Shit. 6 months off work. In three weeks time (give or take), I'll have a son or daughter.

I'll be a mum.

I don't why its taking so long for the penny to drop. I actually ever wondered if it would. I think its still sinking in.

Soooooo...what to do with the next three weeks then. Can one mentally prepare themselves to a mother? I'm going to physically prepare, I know that much. Nesting is upon me, that much I know.

I'll rest and watch Oprah at 1pm in the afternoon. I'll eat delicious lunches. I'll take myself off to the day spa and get everything waxed and polished and buffed. I'll even visit the Mind Body and Spirit Festival.

All the while, I'll be thinking about this little person in my belly. The one that loves hearing its dad's voice when he walks through the door each night. The one that loves it when I eat my main meals, cos that means it gets to do pilates in my stomach and work out where my ribs sit.

I can't wait to meet you xx