Monday, November 10, 2008

3 things in life I am grateful for...

Inspired by Chantelle (yet again hee hee) has made me think about what I am grateful for in my life right now.

I'll be greedy today and show you my three. I think about these three things constantly.

My husband Richard

I never ever knew that men like Richard existed. I wish someone had konked me over the head in my younger 20's and told me to stop wasting my time with loosers and deadbeats and just enjoy life, knowing that I would meet Richard just before I turned 29. Each day I love him more and more and I know we will be together forever. There is such a comfort in knowing that, that this man is willing to accept me for all that I am right now and all I will be in the future. Plus he's got the sexiest legs I've ever seen :)

My mum and dad - John & Bernie

My sister in law Amanda once said to me 'You know what Jo, you are very lucky to have parents like your mum and dad that are still together after all this time and love their kids like they do'. Mum and dad have been married for 35 years and still hold hands. They also drive each other crazy too, they are like chalk and cheese. But it works. Growing up I remember some really tough times where the six of us really had to pull through and get things going again and as the oldest child a lot of that responsibility fell on me, but that's just what it was. I also haven't been the easiest daughter (19-21 years of age was not a good time for us three!) but our relationship now is great and they adore Richard. Mum and dad are terrific company as well. Only now that I am pregnant I am beginning to realise how selfless mum and dad have been throughout my life. I talk to mum and dad nearly every two days and get very scared when I think about a life with them not in it.

My bump

It took just over 13 months to get this little beauty into my belly but the wait was worth it. Some days I wondered whether it would ever happen but I just tried to keep my faith that life would work out the way it was intended to. I remember when I took the pregnancy test and ran to the phone with my undies around my ankles to call Richard. That night we went for a walk and stared up at the moon and said how thankful we were to whoever blessed us.

Its been such a good little bump. I've had a lovely pregnancy except from week 34-36 where I caught some virus and felt very crap, but that wasn't the baby's fault, it was more me.

It still amazes me that I have a living, breathing and kicking person in my belly. I swear some days I am still not able to process the magnitude of it all.

This morning at 3am I could feel little hands and fingers poking about and as I lay in bed cooing 'hello little one' I just felt an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. In that moment I felt truly grateful for what we've been given.

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Simone said...

wow your lucky. i never felt fingers and toes moving around. i had a prosterir placenta so it stopped a lot of the movement.

not long to go now