Tuesday, November 18, 2008

39 weeks and 4 days

Richard took this picture of me last night after I finished eating dinner. I look so tired and pretty much felt like buddha.

I keep wondering how big the baby will be. I was only 6.5 pounds when I was born and Richard was 7.8 pounds. If you average out that figure it seems like a nice size. Anyway, whatever the baby will be, it will be.

I'm starting to get really tired now. And really impatient. And dare I say it, a bit tetchy. All quite normal really. Its the final days/weeks and its to be expected.

I liken it to sitting up on top of a rollercoaster, waiting to fall down and take the ride, like the analogy they used in Parenthood. You never know what is around the corner :)


Amy said...

Wow - you look amazing! I SO remember that buddha feeling. Hang in there - a few days feels like a lifetime now but once it all happens, the early new bub days go in a heartbeat. And they are so damn special. I get teary just remembering!

Thinking of you!

Chantelle said...

You look fabulous, and I'm not just saying it either! You look beautiful.

I can't believe that you are about to become a Mumma. How wonderful. I am so excited. Each time I see that you have made an entry here I get all butterlies in my tummy and think you're going to tell us you're off to hospital...

Not that you'd have time to come and let us know in between! But I still get excited. x