Friday, November 21, 2008

40 weeks today

The due date has arrived. Richard woke me up this morning and said 'Happy Due Date!'.

Unfortunately, I don't think Baby Spillane knows its the due date. Or if they do, they've decided to have a yawn, roll over and go back to sleep.

So with that in mind, today I am going to buy a pineapple and start some serious brewing in my spotted tea pot. Did I mention I am impatient? Yes, I am.

Anyway, tonight my old flatmate from my Perth days, Maree and her new husband Tom are going to come over for a glass of champagne. They got married last Sunday and have stopped over in Sydney via Fiji for their honeymoon. I'm really looking forward to seeing them both and hearing about their wedding. I wonder if I could have a tiny sip of champagne? I haven't drunk anything during the whole pregnancy but in the last two days I have been dreaming about a small glass of chilled champagne with a strawberry in it. I think if Richard poured me a glass I'd just feel too guilty.

And then I'll look forward to a lovely weekend with Richard. Mum gets here on Tuesday afternoon to stay for two weeks and I am SO excited about her arrival. She's great company and I know I'll feel instantly calmer when she arrives. Last night she decided to tell me that I was overdue when she was pregnant with me and she had an induction at 40w + 10 d! She thinks the pregnancy I've had has been the exact pregnancy she had with me. So maybe its a sign.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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Simone said...

Any time now Jo, any time!!

All the best with it and hope baby Spillane arrives safe and soundly.