Thursday, November 13, 2008

My most favourite food, ever...

During pregnancy I've had cravings for fresh fruit. I will stand in the Greengrocers and just sniff everything on offer. Its what I love about spring/summer the most.

In particular, I would have to say fresh strawberries and vanilla icecream is my all time favourite treat. You could literally give me five bowls of the stuff and I would probably eat it in about 2 minutes right now.

Today I went to Eastgardens to kill some time this afternoon and strawberries were on special for $1 each, so naturally I stocked up. I'm trying not to gorge on icecream too much right now (although I think the baby secretly loves it!) as my weight is hovering around the 92kg mark and I don't want to make things harder for myself when it comes time to lose weight after the birth.

So tonight for dinner I am making:
Chicken kebabs with teriyaki sauce
Avocado salad
Baby potatoes with mint and butter

Apple, strawberry and peach fruit bowl

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Simone said...

omg, strawberries and ice cream is mine and alastair's favourite. as a kid, i remember we went out for dinner once and i cried and cried because they didn't have strawberries and ice cream for dessert. they felt so bad and offered me another dessert for free but i didn't want anything else