Saturday, November 1, 2008

Next stop...mumma-hood

Well, its here. Finally here. Maternity leave. I had a big cry this morning while doing the breakfast dishes. I was thinking about putting the next load of washing on and getting Richard's work shirts done and pondering what I would wear to work next week and it hit me. Shit. 6 months off work. In three weeks time (give or take), I'll have a son or daughter.

I'll be a mum.

I don't why its taking so long for the penny to drop. I actually ever wondered if it would. I think its still sinking in.

Soooooo...what to do with the next three weeks then. Can one mentally prepare themselves to a mother? I'm going to physically prepare, I know that much. Nesting is upon me, that much I know.

I'll rest and watch Oprah at 1pm in the afternoon. I'll eat delicious lunches. I'll take myself off to the day spa and get everything waxed and polished and buffed. I'll even visit the Mind Body and Spirit Festival.

All the while, I'll be thinking about this little person in my belly. The one that loves hearing its dad's voice when he walks through the door each night. The one that loves it when I eat my main meals, cos that means it gets to do pilates in my stomach and work out where my ribs sit.

I can't wait to meet you xx


Simone said...

woo hoo. almost there joanna!!!

Chantelle said...

You made me all teary.

Enjoy. x

Joanna said...

Thanks girls I am getting teary too!