Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ok, I am ready

I know I technically have until Friday next week before I am 40 weeks, but I'm impatient.

Everything is done!

Toenails - check, done
Legs shaved - check
Bikini line waxed - that's an experience for a first timer let me tell you
Eyebrows waxed - check
Eyelashes tinted - check
Hair foiled, cut and conditioned - check
Baby clothes washed - check
In fact everything in the nursery laundered - check
Bassinette attachment arrived - check
Baby capsule installed - check
Birth Skills read - check
Save our Sleep read - check
Checking my undies for the 80th time each day - check

I'm trying very hard to be patient. And I still may have a while yet.

My mum is calling me daily at 9am and 5pm. Richard has programmed our home phone that when she calls a foghorn sounds. His parents have an irish jig tone when they call. Its the same conversation each day 'Anything Jo Jo?'. 'No mum'.

Ok. I'm off to cook dinner and see if there is anything else in the flat I can napisan!


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