Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oooh...a bit of a treat for me and the old man

Have I told you about my Magnum addiction? Its making my arse look like a cauliflower right now.

If you purchase a Magnum and you print off the voucher from the internet and take the wrapper to Greater Union and pay for a normal movie ticket, you get a free upgrade.

We attempted to go last Sunday, but Richard forgot to print off the vouchers at work and thought we could just use the wrappers. So I got organised this week and off we went to see the new Guy Ritchie movie RocknRolla.

We entered the bar area, all nice and swish with red tea lights and perused the menu. Rich ordered chicken dippers and a light beer, I had a diet coke and some ridiculous sundae with crushed maltesers (must diet after the baby is born). 'Would you like your food delivered to your seat?'. Yes please.

We were ushered to our big comfy reclining chairs. Very nice. And a button to adjust it. Unfortunately that didn't help me too much as I can only breathe if I am sitting at a 90 degree angle.

And then little Junior Spillane decided it was a good idea to start its aerobics class in my belly. Man, this child can kick! And then the headbutting started and the pressure on my bladder saw me go to the toilet about 90 times in the first 15 mins of the film. Finally, he/she settled down. I got comfy again but with my first spoonful of sundae accidentally spilt it down my white cardigan and white singlet. I think I need a bib these days, I am so awkward in co-ordinating a spoon to go anywhere near my mouth. Clumsiness - that's me.

Anyway, we are hooked on the Gold Class experience. We've decided that we'll see the new Bond movie Quantam Solice when it premieres there as well.

And its so nice to do these little treats together with Richard before junior is here. We don't treat ourselves too often, but this was really nice to do together for the first time.

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Simone said...

that is something i want to do when we move back to australia - gold class seats. i have never done it.