Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well today was kinda interesting.

We got the car capsule fitted at the hospital (big a-ha moment right there for both of us). God, our car is so small. We can literally only fit the three of us in it. Oh well, it'll be fine. Richard is suggesting we do practice runs with the teddybear on Saturday morning to see how we'll work it as being a three door car one of us will need to sit in the back to receive the baby, put it in the car seat etc. While we were getting paperwork sorted, I could hear the guy parked next to us. He had a brand new Mercedes Benz and it seemed he was getting the grand-daddy of car seats fitted. I smiled at him when I walked out of the office and he goes 'we couldn't decide whether to put the car seat in the Audi Quattro or the Merc, but Merc it is, my wife likes to drive it!'.

I got in the car only to hear Rich go 'oh what a wanker'...

Anyway! We have the car seat! I think it looks rather cute and I can't wait to put the bubba in it.

Then it was off for my appointment. The baby is still not engaged, head is down though, but must be having a party in there as its hiccupping nearly all the time! I recall I used to hiccup quite a lot after a few drinks!

All is looking good though. Next Wednesday is 39 weeks and 5 days so Ellie has pleaded with me to have this baby before she goes back to Dublin to get married and will book me in for an induction if nothing has happened by next week. So at least next Wednesday I might have a date to go by. Mum gets here on the 25th so as long as its after that I will be happy as larry. To be honest, I am quite happy to wait. I know this baby will come when its good and ready.

This afternoon I went to Yummy Mummy in Paddington for a beautiful 3rd trimester mummy to be treatment. Highly recommended! I had a facial and eye design but felt awfully hot and had to re-arrange myself a few times as my tummy was siezing up a bit. Then I had a mani/pedi and blowdry and oh my, I felt like a new person afterwards. This place also has a creche so I reckon its a great idea. You can also go there for general beauty treatments as well and the staff were friendly and very understanding when I had to ask for my water, or go to the loo for the umpteenth time.

Tomorrow I am off to the hospital again for a breastfeeding class which should be interesting. I'm keen to get a head start if I can.

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Chantelle said...

Wow. You really are about to meet your baby!

Joy, who is usually running the BF class, is lovely. It's really interesting.