Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday...two more sleeps to go

Just a quick one from me as I have a chicken roast waiting to be eaten...

We went to church this morning on the insistence of Richard. It was really rather lovely until a family of four sat in front of us with the two cutest kids and seeing their little faces just made me cry. Pick the hormonal pregnant woman who now cries when she see's kids. It was a lovely mass and I just prayed and prayed that all will be ok on Tuesday.

Afterwards we got a head holder thingy for the capsule and some nappy bags for the disposal unit at Toys R Us. Then Richard dropped me and mum off for a pedicure and we then treated ourselves to a head shoulder and back massage in Surry Hills. God that was nice. I told the lady if she could find any acupressure points, point away please. But still nothing tonight!

I'm a bit worried about Rich. He's been quiet and a little bit moody today, but I am putting it all down to nerves. I think his patience has now worn thin and he's eager to see the baby come out safe and well. He had a nap this afternoon and then got up and sorted out the capsule and Bjorn for me so I think he's back on form now. I feel sorry for blokes, they go through such a tough transition as well.

I hope you all had a great weekend...

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