Monday, November 17, 2008


Telle has tagged me. I have no idea how to go about tagging anyone else, so I might have to get some instructions from Telle or Simone? I'm still new to the blogging stuff :)

So here are 7 random/weird things about me:

1) I have an obsession with celebrity culture/movies/music etc. You could ask me anything about Angelina or Paris and I could probably reel off who their boyfriend was in Year 8. Yes, my head is full of useless crap. However, it's helped me out many times at quiz nights.

2) Each Wednesday I go to the newsagent and pay $14 to buy the UK version of HELLO and OK! That is a stupid amount of money to waste on something that goes in the recycling bin at the end of the day. Secretly, I love reading about the aristocrats in HELLO and fancy having a cottage in the Cotswalds myself. I can dream on.

3) I once had Christmas dinner with the UK supermodel Liberty Ross and her film director husband Rupert Saunders. I had no idea who she was when I was introduced to her. I remember asking her over dinner what she did. 'I'm a model' she said. 'Oh. Would I have seen you in anything?' I asked. 'Yes, I have a contract with Givenchy and Dior'. Que gulp from me. When I got home and googled her, I realised she was the next Kate Moss. So much for my celebrity knowledge. She was a nice girl though.

4) I had my first ever bikini wax last Friday. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and now I'm going to keep a promise to myself to have them more often.

5) I hate my teeth. I should have begged my parents to have braces when I was a teenager, but with four kids, money was a bit tight back then. I could have them now I guess, but I'd feel a bit weird. I have looked into getting my teeth capped though and when I move back to Perth I will get it done. I don't mind the gap in my front two teeth, but I hate my peg tooth. I'm really self conscious about smiling sometimes, although I am better than I used to be.

6) I am a stutterer. I have been since I was a kid. I've learnt to control it now and I only ever stutter if I am really tired or stressed. There are some days where I get really frustrated with it if I haven't slept well. But I've met other stutterers and I know mine is quite mild. I just have to remember to control my breathing and then I am fine.

7) As a kid my idol was Olivia Newton John. My mum bought me a tape recorder and the Grease cassette, along with a Grease t-shirt and plastic high heel shoes with bling. I remember wearing that t-shirt and shoes everywhere. One weekend mum drove me and her down to Albany, 5 hours south of Perth. I had my tape recorder and tried to put my cassette in so I could listen to Grease. The cassette wouldn't go in, so I jumped up and down on the tape recorder until it would. I broke it. I howled for the next four hours in the car. Mum said it was the worst car ride of her life.

If anyone can give me directions on how to tag someone, I will :)

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Chantelle said...

Very interesting Jo. Thanks for sharing. :)

You just pick seven other bloggers and tag them.

You mention who they are with a link to their blog in your post. Then comment on their blogs and tell them they're tagged. Look at my blog or Simones to see how it is done.

I hope you are well. I think of you often. xx