Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanks Telle!

My friend Chantelle did this on her blog and great minds must think alike, cos I was going to do this for my next blog entry as well! I love the Mind Body and Soul portion of the Sunday papers :)

Cheers matey, hope you like my answers :)

I am obsessed family and music. I love the little family Rich and I have created and will soon meet and I adore my parents, brothers, fiancees/wives and nieces/nephews. I love how its just gotten bigger. Richard's family are very dear to me, but I must admit I am still finding my way with them, but I do love them very much. Music I can talk about till I am blue in the face. A favourite song always brightens up my day.

Am petrified of death. I try not to think about it - at all, too much living to be done.

Am proud of my husband. I just think he's the best and I feel so lucky to be with him.

Really need to find more time for improving my mind. There is a lot going on up there and I think I fill it with a lot of junk.

Don't get why people in this world need everything now. No one has any patience any more. My parents bought a new tv and lounge suite when we all left home. I don't understand why you would put something on credit when you can't pay for it there and then.

Think alternative medicine is always something to be considered, its helped me out on many occassions.

Relax by reading and taking a walk.

Am excited about giving birth soon and becoming a mother and seeing my husband's face when he hold's his child for the first time. I think my heart will just explode.

My worst vice is putting too much butter on corn, potatoes, you name it. In fact my grandmother said to my mother that she didn't like that about my dad when mum bought him home for dinner for the first time. Like father, like daughter.

Fridge usually contains filtered water, fruit, vegies and leftovers.

Family is my reason for living.

Friends don't understand why I love cleaning my home so much.

Attitude to exercise is I dread it, but I always feel brilliant afterwards.

Relationship with my body right now is good because I am pregnant and I am in awe of how it takes on a mind of its own. Pre-pregnancy and I am sure, post-pregnancy, I will go back to hating it. This has to change.

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Chantelle said...

Oooh thanks for the mention Jo. :)

It's great reading about you and all those great little details.

I'm loving your blog. Thanks for sharing. x