Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well I have a date for induction - 2nd December.

This morning I had a stretch and sweep and more positive eviction vibes from my midwives Ellie and Hayley, bless them.

I rang Richard and my mum afterwards. The poor things, they are having kittens. I'm just getting really least there is a date out there and if things happen naturally before then so be it.

And at least I know the baby will be here before Xmas at least. With that in mind, I bought a cute three pack of suits for Xmas Day today. There are some cute little things out there right now for Xmas.

Here are my little purchases:

And I just couldn't resist this cute little outfit from Bonds, they have the best stuff:

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Chantelle said...

Is that beautiful blonde Hayley? She's so lovely, if it is.

S+S are a joy, aren't they? My money is on baby coming this Sunday. xx

All the best. Can't wait to hear news. xx