Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I can't wait to move back home

I lived in Perth my whole life before I left at age 27, with the exception of three years in Karratha, a mining town in north west WA from age 17-19. I remember loving my life in Perth and having my family around the corner, but I knew bigger and better things were waiting for me and I needed to get out and explore the world.

Now, after 6 years away from it, I can't wait to go back. Fortunately, Richard loves it too and thinks we can make a great life there with our little family.

I can't wait to take the baby here:

Mettams Pool. I remember mum taking us there as kids after school when it was a real stinker of a day and we'd eat chicken and salad and drink lemonade and watch the sun set. The water is really clear and its the perfect kids beach. Its like Sydney's Clovelly but with less people.

Also, the sunsets are to die for. Each night I'd go for a big walk after work and see this view:

Sydney has been fantastic to us and I've loved our time here. But we are getting increasingly frustrated with it. If we had family here it might be different. I've noticed Richard getting really tense whilst driving, even though he seemed to cope fine in London traffic. Our hearts are just not here. It also frustrates me we live in this huge country and we live in a two bedroom flat. I'd love some more space and in Perth there is space everywhere.

Its very different to Sydney, not as fast paced and I've heard a lot of people call it boring. But I think you make your own fun! I was never bored in Perth, although I know I will miss the convenience of all the shopping and services in Sydney and the way the harbour and beaches twinkle.

Hopefully, 2009 will be our year, and we'll be back in Perth by June.


Domestic Goddess said...

That sunset is gorgeous, what a great way to unwind after a hard day at work.

I completely agree about the road rage tension. I go back for three weeks and can feel my stress levels rise when driving.

Can't wait to follow your journey back to Perth. In a non stalker way. ;)

Chantelle said...

I hear ya!

I tagged you in my blog. It's scheduled to show up tomorrow. xx