Monday, December 15, 2008

Body after baby

This morning before my shower I surveyed my body in the mirror.

Its funny not being pregnant anymore. I do miss my pregnant belly. I had really gotten used to how my body looked. I'm not pregnant but its still not quite my body if that makes sense.

In the last two weeks of pregnancy my lower abdomen sprouted heaps of stretch marks. I thought I had got away with it, but I didn't. They appeared on my hips and then made their way in. Not that I mind too much. My bikini days were over a long time ago and I know they will fade eventually. I'm a 34 year old mum, not a 19 year old string bikini model.

What does interest me though is that I have always had a pot belly and post pregnancy, its not there anymore or where a belly should be. Instead its gravitated south and developed into that word I hate to say...OVERHANG. Lovely. Richard reckons its really 'cute'. I think I need to learn how to do stomach crunches when my stomach muscles repair themselves from the c-section.

Anyway, my body will slowly make its way back to normal. That's not my focus right now, this little man is:


Chantelle said...

Beautiful! xx

Simone said...

beautiful photo. nothing wrong with being 34 either! i was 34 with oliver, have a pot belly and you look like your freckles are more pronounced. this happened to me as well.

you look so in love