Friday, December 19, 2008

Express Christmas Shopping

Today the three of us were busy. We went and visited my work to show off Liam and I can quite easily say I would be very happy to never go back there again. I just don't miss work at all or the people. Sure, some of them are nice, but its recruitment and everyone seems to have a little act. Liam was a hit, but I could feel myself get a bit narky with the girls I worked with.

Questions like:

'Does giving birth hurt?'

'Are babies born with nails? Liam has long nails doesn't he?'

'His face is going red, he must be doing a poo'

Maybe it was just tiredness on my part, but I couldn't wait to get out of there. My boss is a 26 year old psychologist with no children at all, and even he was trying to give me and Richard advice today on Liam. The cracker was that Johnson's Baby Powder causes Asthma. If it does why do they still sell it? I like to rub a little onto my hands and put some on Liam's chest after his shower because it smells shoot me....

After that we headed to Bondi Junction to do some Xmas shopping. This month has flown by and if it wasn't for my mum putting up the Xmas tree when she was here, we wouldn't have done it. We'd got some cards written and sent those off today so we feel a little less guilty. As for Xmas presents, we decided that we would buy one gift each for each other and that was it, because its been a massive month and Liam is our Xmas anyway.

In the end, Liam decided he needed to be fed, LIKE NOW, so in the time it took me to change a full nappy and do a breastfeed in the parents room, Richard had completed all of our Xmas shopping for the Spillane family. I feel terrible as I haven't even got Richard a surprise present but he knew what he wanted and just bought it!

On the ride home I apologised to Richard that I don't have the energy for massive amounts of Xmas shopping this year. Each year I've loved getting all of his presents together and putting them under the tree for him to shake and look at. Bless him, he's completely fine with it and said as long as its the three of us on Xmas day, that's all that matters.

I also realised today that on the 12th of this month, it was our 5 year anniversary and we'd both completely forgotten it!

I'm hoping our brains will return to normal at some point.


Simone said...

Jo, we aren't doing christmas presents either.

As for J&J powder there is some reason not to use it but I cannot remember what it is. i read something on i-do a while ago. if it is only a small amount, i doubt it would be a huge problem though

Chantelle said...

I have heard something about the powder as well, but if it was bad then it wouldn't be on the market. Right?

I love the smell of it. It reminds me of wee little babies.

Everyone has a opinion, don't they? That used to drive me mental. I had to give myself a reality check when I started listening to peoples advice when they had no right to be giving it. I was just exhausted I think. Nod and agree, I say. And then walk away and disregard!

Feeding now is pretty quick but in those early days I would go in to feed and in that time so much was done by the person with me. I remember Mum running to get some groceries and bringing back some lunch too.

I love reading what you and Liam (and Rich too) are up to. Your entries make my heart sing because you're the most beautiful mother. I get so excited when I see that you have updated.

Lots of love to you and your men. xx

emma888 said...

when i was in hospitial the midwife told me not to use it because it is bad for the babies so I just stopped because she said it....I guess I thought that if she said it there might be something in it....I'd take her word above your 26 year old boss that is for need to do what ever works for you