Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heart wide open

Today I realised that when you have a child, their pain becomes your pain.

We had to go to the hospital for Liam to have an ultrasound on his spine and bum to check out his sacral dimple. It sounds simple enough for you and me, but a three week old didn't like it one little bit. I hated every moment of it. He had to lay on his tummy which he doesn't like at the best of times and have cold gel but on his back and bum while a student sonographer tried to count his vertabrae and took her sweet time doing it.

The only way I could stop the relentless screaming was by singing in his ear and holding his hand. I couldn't stop crying and my boobs were killing me and I forgot to put breast pads in my bra before I left.

Once we got home he'd forgotten all about and was happy in his crib looking at his mobile. I made Rich go to the bottle shop to buy me a bottle of wine.


Trailing Spouse said...

Enjoy your glass of wine....sounds like you deserve it. Poor things (both you and Liam).xx

Amy said...

oh that must have been so hard. Isnt it crazy that thier pain hurts us so much. And they forget about it but we agonise over it :(

Hope you are feeling better! Hope Liams results were good too

Chantelle said...

Oh Jo. What a hard time.

When we were in hospital Lacey had jaundice pretty badly so she had to do a few different forms of light therapy. I hated it so much. I would just cry. I just wanted to jump under the lights for her. I just wanted to get out of that hospital ASAP.

Hopefully you only have to do it once and it's all clear. xx