Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jon and Kate Plus 8

The great thing about breastfeeding at the moment is that it is allowing me to catch up on some tv. Foxtel got a bit depressing for a while but now its closer to Xmas, there are a lot of good shows coming up.

One show I love in particular is Jon and Kate Plus 8. Jon and Kate have a set of twin girls and a set of sextuplets. Kate is a control freak and has a healthy dose of OCD when it comes to organising her kids, but I am in admiration of the way she does it all. Her husband is patient and very loving and the kids are just beautiful.

I hit a wall every afternoon at 3pm due to lack of sleep with Liam, so I when I sit down at 3.30pm each day to watch it, I wonder how Jon and Kate aren't sleeping zombies.

I think it would be fantastic to have 8 kids if you had the money, space, patience and youth on your side, but for now I am happy with my family of three, although I would love to do it all over again in the next couple of years and give Liam a sister or brother.

I can't believe I am saying that after two weeks!


Chantelle said...

I said the same thing after Lacey was about an hour old. Crazy talk! :P

I love that show too. I got to watch a lot of TV in those early days. Feeding takes so long and it was so nice to be watching what I wanted.


Leila said...

I love this show! It is on cable all the time here. Such a full on life - but would be so rewarding!

Shellsibelle said...

I love this show as well :] My hubby doesn't...I think even the thought of it puts him off the idea of having children!! :P

I don't know how Jon and Kate do it either, but when the kids are a little older, they are all going to love having such a big and loving family.