Sunday, December 21, 2008

A new week

Richard goes back to work for two and a half days this week before breaking again for Xmas.

I'm determined to be organised this week. I've just been so tired this weekend though, I really need to make an effort to have an afternoon nap because it makes all the difference. I don't actually mind getting up in the middle of the night, as its starting to form a pattern now, 2am, 4am, 5am and 6.30am - it just depends on how quickly he settles after he wakes up and has been fed.
Each day Liam seems to be doing something new. New sounds, new faces and I've noticed he has a dimple in his cheek like his dad. He's going to have a great smile. I find it amazing how much more you love them each day and how much I've missed him while I've been asleep.


Trailing Spouse said...

That's a gorgeous shot Jo.xx

Best of luck for being organised this week.

Shellsibelle said...

So sweet, Jo! <3 Beautiful photo. I hope you, Rich, and Liam have a fabulous Christmas tomorrow :] xxx