Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poo and Wee

I've become obsessed with Liam's body waste this week.

I'm amazed at how much there is of it.

Midwife yesterday.

'How long has it been since Liam's last poo?'

Me: 'His last was Monday morning' (me feeling like the worst mother in the world).

Midwife: 'Oh, okay. Well babies can go a few days without poo's. Especially breastfed babies'.

Me: (Feeling very guilty as I have done a few midnight hour formula feeds on top of breastfeeds and wonder if I should mention this). 'Well I'm hoping its soon, but he has lots of pale, wet nappies'.

Richard: Right on cue. 'JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

The poo explosion to end them all. I swear we went through a packet of wipes. This stuff just keeps on COMING! It oozes out of him. But you never saw two happier parents. 'That's my boy!' Richard said.

While we are cleaning this massive orrifice explosion the midwife tells me she wants me to lay down and check my c-section scar. I am torn, Richard and Liam need me. Can't she see?

The midwives and aftercare have been fanastic. But I am glad its all done now. I always felt like I was getting marked out of 10 when they came over. And I was hiding the dummy and formula before they entered the flat.

But they seem very happy with him. I can't wait to get him weighed next Tuesday, I hope he's put on weight. He seems happy and I swear I can see another little chin emerging.


Chantelle said...

OMG. That's EXACTLY how it is. And each midwife has a different view. They made me feel so anxious.

I remember when we had our home visit I told Shane that I would probably have to lie (to save a lecture) so he should just go along with me.


I am glad to hear you guys are doing well. x

Simone said...

Oh god, it sounds like the aftercare here in England is a lot less strict. I had brilliant carers and they just said do whatever you think is right and didn't even bothered that I was doing some formula.

So you do what you think is right!