Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday night

9.25pm. Liam has finally gone to sleep.

Last night we decided to have a look at Save our Sleep and see if we could implement the one to two week old routine today. Our day started off well, even if it was an hour earlier. I'm conscious he is so little so I am trying also just to give Liam what he needs. If its an extra feed, so be it. I'm of the belief you can't spoil a newborn at all.

I hate waking him up. It kills me, but he's gone to bed tonight at a good time. I've even managed to have dinner with Richard and have a small glass of champagne. And there is a Sex and the City marathon on!

Saturday nights are so different now although I was a proper nanna before Liam anyway. We had lots of visitors over today (hence why I am buggered) and I've had no idea what's gone on in the real world for the past week. I can't remember the last time I watched the news!


Simone said...

i would leave SOS for a while Jo and get your feet around motherhood first. let liam sleep and feed when he wants.

your saturday nights will never be the same but who needs them anyway.

Trailing Spouse said...

The news is too me, missing it is a good thing.xx

Chantelle said...

Can we see some more photos of your wee little one?

I used to look forward to the days that the visitors would stop dropping by. I just wanted to rip my bra off and do as we pleased.