Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've always been a worrier but I think since becoming a mum its stepped up ten-fold.

Today we had a visit from the health nurse for Liam's newborn check. I think its the last visit of medical personnel traipsing through the house. This morning I greeted the nurse in my bathrobe with poo on the sleeve. Fetching! I think she has seen it all before.

Liam is great and has gained weight and grown in all the right places. When she did his check on the change table its all I can do to not stand on her freckle while she is doing his hip checks and reflexes. I have to remind myself to stand back and let her do her job.

The nurse mentioned something about a sacral dimple which is my latest worry. I've made an appointment at the GP tomorrow morning to set my mind at ease. Apparently its very common in newborns but that won't make me sleep any easier tonight. All of this sleep deprivation is also causing me to dream at night that Liam is in bed between me and Richard and then I wake up, half-asleep, panicking, trying to find Liam in the bed, only to realise he is perfectly settled in his bassinette at the foot of the bed and he hasn't woken at all, he's sleeping soundly. It must be a combination of hormones and lack of sleep that makes me think like this.

Richard and I got a few hours extra sleep this afternoon. It really makes all the difference and I've noticed we aren't as short tempered with each other when we are under pressure. He's just been amazing and has taken to fatherhood so naturally. I am really going to miss him when he goes back to work on Monday. Arrghhh...I won't think about that till Sunday now.


Simone said...

oh those dreams are horrible hey? I am a natural born worrier.

Chantelle said...

I still do the same thing with Lacey. It scares me so badly.

I hope everything goes well today. x