Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I think my bubba is going through a growth spurt.

Lately he has become very fatty boomba which pleases me no end as I was dying to get some meat on his little legs. His second chin is very evident and I have to hold his head back to wash underneath it.

We have been giving Liam showers with Richard as he loves them. We bought a Fisher Price Aquarium Bath with a sling before he was born. He hates it. Last night I had to bath him in that before Richard came home from work and the design of the bath just doesn't suit his length and I don't feel too confident taking him into the shower on my own without Richard watching us. So today I am going to go and buy a big plastic tub and see how we go.

After the whole bathtime routine at 5.30pm, Liam decided he didn't want to go to sleep till midnight last night. Nothing I did would settle him and he decided headbutting my boob would be a nice thing to try! Eventually he drifted off after I sung How Much Is That Doggy In The Window while patting his tummy.

Oh sleep. I miss you.

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