Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mummy friends

One of my oldest friends Kendall is a mum to three kids - Bray, Sydney and Wesley.

Kendall and I met when we were 13 in high school and 22 years later we are still the best of friends. She has always been amazing with children and being a mother is her passion in life. We've gone through our ups and downs in our friendship, both of us were pretty obnoxious shits in our early 20's and took it out on each other. I think there was a period of a year that we didn't speak and neither of us can remember why it happened.

Now that I am a mum we talk every day by email or text and the support she has given me all the way from Perth has been amazing. Its hard when you have no mummy friends in your immediate friendship group or family in Sydney and should I ever need to ask a question I know who to ask.

I can't wait to see Kendall and the kids when we head back to Perth next week. I also can't wait for our kids to grow up together.

I also want to tell you about the new purchase I made on the internet last night. I came across this site and I love it. I am not usually a necklace person, I am more an earrings and bangle kind of chick and hey, with Liam I am wondering if accessories are such a good idea with his long little fingers. But I couldn't resist this as a lovely keepsake of this time in my life:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marriage and birthday

Today is a lovely day because I celebrate my 34th year and our second wedding anniversary.
I still can't believe I am 34. I remember thinking when I was 21 that 34 was really old and it seemed I got here in 5 seconds flat. I love my 30's though. Its such a time of change but also one of feeling more comfortable and confident in your own skin and knowing what you want for the future.
And how did we get to two years of being married??? That went by quickly as well. I remember our wedding day being so hot, it was 43 degrees that day and everyone pretty much struggled through it. The upside of having a hot wedding day was having our reception on the beach and the sunset and lightening storm that night was all worth it.
I love being married and I love being 34 and a mum. I'm definitely where I wanted to be if I think about what I wanted when I was 21.
It still amazes me that Richard and I went from this:

To this:

Happy Anniversary sweetheart xx

Monday, January 26, 2009

Being an Aussie

Today is Australia Day as most of you will know. Its the perfect time to reflect on what is so great about living in Australia.

Here is my top then things I love about Australia:

1) Sunsets in WA, Sunrises in NSW
2) BBQ's in summer
3) Watching the cricket in the air-con, comatose on your couch on Boxing Day
3) Fireworks on NYE in Sydney and on Australia Day in Perth
4) All of our fresh fruit, meat and in Australia makes you feel healthier
5) Amazing beaches
6) The mateship of being an Australian...
7) Our sense of humour
8) Our Aboriginal history, I believe Dreamtime should be taught to all of our kids in primary school
9) Our beer!
10) That we live in the best country in the world

Happy Australia Day ...................... x

Friday, January 23, 2009

Water water everywhere but not a drop to spare

I wish I could go to the beach and have a swim.

Its so hard to do with a 7 week old. I felt guilty enough taking him out in the pram this afternoon to Toys R Us across the road. I always worry if he is too cold or too hot, so when we got home this afternoon we both got in the shower and then lay on the bed with the air-con on.

This time last year Richard and I would spend every weekend without fail down at Clovelly or Wyllie's at Coogee. I love Wyllies and would just swim laps for ages.

Liam is just too young to spend any amount of time in the harsh sun and the thought of traipsing down the huge stairs at Wyllies with a baby gives me a big huge pain up my bum.

I think the best I am going to get this summer is my parents pool when I head home soon. Maybe Liam might like to partake in afternoon naps again and let me spend 15 minutes in the pool. He's not liking this hot weather too much the poor little tyke.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three more sleeps

This Saturday Richard is taking me out for dinner and cocktails. We have a lot to celebrate:

1) Liam
2) Our second wedding anniversary
3) My 34th (eek!) birthday
4) His recent payrise

Like a boring old married couple we've saved for this night for the past month so we can have a really good night. We have a babysitter organised, I am getting my hair done on Saturday morning and Liam and I are going shopping for a new dress tomorrow morning (my birthday present).

After hassling Richard all week, he's relented on the surprise and has told me we are going to Cafe Sydney. I had a look at their site tonight and have already decided what wine and main I would like. Yes, I am very sad.

I am sooooo excited. Its like a first date again.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reality check

Well, maybe I spoke too soon.

Liam must be going through a growth spurt when he turned 6 weeks. I can't think of anything else that could possibly explain what we've noticed in the last three nights.

Wide awake at 3am and not wanting to go back to sleep. Constant grizzling. Not being able to leave the room without him screaming. I have gone back over my steps and checked and rechecked everything. Wet nappy? No. Hungry? No. Wind? No.

I think sometimes babies just like to be held close. Today would have had to have been the hardest day since Liam was born, not discounting those three nights on my own in hospital. I'm ashamed to admit I just held him and cried this morning and then started him off too.

It was only when I spoke to mum on the phone this afternoon and had him over my shoulder to burp him that he finally relaxed. But as soon as I got off the phone and tried to put him in his cot he started again.

I feel like a bit of a failure at the moment. And frustrated at myself that I am not being patient when I should be. None of my jobs around the house got done and I didn't get to eat anything till 4pm today.

I know there is no point getting upset. I am beginning to understand that parenthood is challenging and hard. Just when you think you have things under control and sussed, a new challenge will creep up and turn everything on its head.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 6 weeks Liam

Despite the Crazy Bjorn Lady yesterday, Liam and I reached a milestone - the 6 week mark.

Everyone has been saying to me for ages that when he got to 6 weeks, things would change. I am not sure how true that is. He woke up this morning exactly the same baby.

But after his 7am feed this morning as I cradled him in my arms, I got something magical. That beautiful, wonderful, eye twinkling first smile. And it was a proper one too. I got lucky - he did it three times.

So Liam, Happy 6 weeks. Look how far we have come. Here is some things that your dad and I have learnt about you since you came into our world on the 4th December.

* You love music. You love it on the tv, in your room and especially when we sing or dance with you.

* Nappy free time is your new thing. You love to kick those legs.

* You're pretty determined. You know what you want and aren't afraid to show us how.

* You hate being wrapped. You much prefer to sleep with your hands up near your head.

* Riding in the car is something you love. Once we put you into your capsule you are fast asleep and will happily make cooing noises from the back seat.

Liam, your dad and I love you so very much. Your dad told me last night that walking out the door each morning to go to work kills him because he'd much rather be at home with you, but the drive home each night is his most favourite thing because it means it won't be long till he's home.

You are the best thing we have ever done and we love you more and more each day.

To celebrate your 6 weeks, your dad bought you this very special outfit...I am sure one day you'll know what it all means...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mo Gro

Today Liam and I went to our first Mothers Group. Or Mo Gro as my friend Gill calls it. Or Mumsense as the Royal Womens in Randwick call it.

We got there nice and early. In fact I was up at 5.30am this morning as I thought I'd be late for the 10.30am start. Liam and I caught the bus in the Bjorn which I stressed about on the way as I forgot to check the weather forecast last night and today is a stinker.

Anyway, he had his hat and some cool clothing on.

We got to sit on bean bags and chat to other mummies with their babies too. It ranges from 0 weeks to 16 weeks and the girl sitting opposite me had a 12 day old baby.

I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people so I felt a bit nervous today. I don't know why. Everyone breastfed which made me feel self conscious and guilty as Liam is now on formula. Its just the way its turned out despite my best efforts for the first four weeks of his life. I had a lot of people ask me questions about formula and whether he got constipated..there seems to be so many different opinions flying around and one lady told me the formula I use guarantees constipated babies and I should go back to breast. I felt pretty shit after that.

Another lady also told me I had my Baby Bjorn completely the wrong way and re-did the whole thing for me in front of everyone - I know she was trying to be helpful but I don't that point I was tired, hot and flustered and wanted to go home. I have felt pretty confident about everything for the past 6 weeks and today's outing was to be a little celebration of how far we have come. Perhaps I had too many expectations for Mo Gro.

But...I will perservere. There were some nice ladies there and perhaps I am too quick to judge.

Tomorrow Liam and I go back to the doctors for me to have my 6 week check up and then next week is needles. Urgghhh...I am not looking forward to that...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yesterday while talking to mum on the phone I mentioned that Rich, Liam and I are going back to London for three weeks in September. She's not happy. She doesn't think its right that we will be subjecting a 9 month old to an international flight. And what about terrorists she asked?

I can see her point to an extent. There are so many terrible things that happen in the world that I guess by making this trip with Liam we could be exposing ourself to a bit of risk, but come on, this is a family wedding and everything will be fine. If I worried about every little thing that could 'possibly' happen I would never leave the house!

I love my mum, she's my best mate and we get on so well, but I know I tell her too much. And this annoys my husband. But then I don't think husbands get the relationship between daughters and their mothers. But he is right I guess, there are some things I should keep to myself. She's very maternal my mum and fiercely protective of her kids and grandchildren, so she is always thinking of things that could happen. When my niece stays over at my parents house, mum will sleep with her in the spare room because they have a pool out the back without a fence and mum is scared she might sleepwalk and get in the pool.

Richard has also agreed that we will move back to Perth in June/July this year - yay! My parents have offered for us to stay with them for about 3 months. I'd say after we get back from London in October, we'll look for a rental and then look around to buy mid 2010. I can see mum will love having us back, but she'll have her opinions on things as well. She was like this before I left Perth and it used to do my head in a little.

But, she is my mum and I love her so much. If I can be half the mum she was to me, I know I will be doing something right.


Monday, January 12, 2009

London calling

Well, its definite. We are going back for Richard's brother's wedding in London in September. He's getting married two days before Richard's 37th birthday.

Tonight we are going to sit down and work out a plan. This year (hopefully) is definitely going to be the Perth move and London trip. Both are equally important but I have a feeling Richard is holding back slightly on the Perth move. He got a pay rise when he went back to work this month and it was a good pay rise. His job is also really stable and he's making great inroads with all the projects that he has going on. I am really proud of him...

My husband loves to provide for us and is also someone who has to think for a while before he makes a big decision. And I love him for that as I am really spontaneous and get myself into the poo quite often by not being patient. But both of us are planners and we sit down and work out the pro's and con's before we make a decision, with me usually pushing for it.

Richard has also been asked to be best man too. Which is so nice of his brother to ask him.

Anyway, hopefully we can sort out something tonight. I really want to put a plan in place for Perth but I know that organising airfares for London will come first. I am just so eager to move back to Perth. I know I just have to be more patient and have faith that everything will work out how its supposed to.

Obviously, we just need to know where we are going to depart from - Sydney or Perth. And why am I thinking of really silly things that don't need to be thought about yet? Like where is Liam going to sleep when we stay with his parents? And would his brother and fiancee mind having him at the wedding? And what about car seats? And the flight itself? And won't Liam be eating solids then?


Friday, January 9, 2009

A good week..

I had a great week. Liam has settled into his routine really well and is now only waking up twice in the night and settling back to sleep quite easily. We've had lots of excursions out of the house this week and some nice moments together. I am still getting asked by the grannies in the supermarket if Liam is a boy or girl. One lady asked me this even though I had him dressed in denim shorts and a lime green singlet that said 'Bondi Boy'. I dress him in traditional boy colours so I am not sure if they are being polite or are just not sure.

I love our time alone together during the week. Each day we are getting to know each other that little bit better. I love being a mum soooooo much.

Today being Friday Richard has offered to do the food shopping after work and then take care of Liam tomorrow morning while I head out to do some clothes shopping. I have literally no clothes at the moment and I am sick of wearing my maternity skirt and maternity jeans. He is taking me out for dinner in the next couple of weeks to celebrate our anniversary/my 34th birthday and we have a babysitter for the night so I am keen to make an effort to look nice. There is a shop in Hunter Street called Barkins that do some lovely dresses for quite good prices, between $40 -$60 usually and I have a Myer voucher that mum gave me for Xmas. I had a look at Barkins online this morning and these have caught my eye:

The black dress on the left

And this one here, but I would probably buy a cardie or capelet to cover up the bingo wings

We haven't got much else planned for the weekend but I think we'll get out to the park if the weather is nice and hopefully go and have some lunch by the beach on Sunday. Our friends Paul and Gill come back from the UK on Sunday after 3 months, so I am looking forward to hearing from them and seeing them, I've really missed them.

I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you are up to :)


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


2009 so far is shaping up to be a big year for the Spillane family.

Our goals for this year were to buy a house, move back to Perth and go back to London for a holiday.

Unfortunately I think its all going to be a bit too much, considering I am off work right now. I am due to go back in June, but Richard doesn't want me going back to my current role and I could think of nothing worse. Being a mum is the job I have always wanted, but I know I have to be realistic and if we want a mortgage, I do need to go back to work this year.

Richard came home with some great news last night. They gave him a rather generous pay rise, which considering these hard economic times is brilliant. He works really hard though, which means by the time he comes home its late and Liam is already in bed asleep.

Last night Richard said with work going so well here, it makes it harder to give it up and move to Perth. I understand that he needs a similar work opportunity in Perth, but I think moving to Perth is just going to be better for us in the long run. We can buy a house, have a more relaxed lifestyle, have family support and more space. Also, I have been away from home for nearly 7 years now and its been too long. I miss my family so much but I know us three are the priority as well.

Ideally I want to make the move before July. I've researched everything and done all the budgets. All Richard needs to do is find the right job to go to. We can definitely afford to make the move and have the London trip.

His brother is also getting married in September, so we need to organise flights pretty soon because I know it would be cheaper to book in advance.

Also, Richard's parents arrive for 6 weeks on the 4th March. How did 2009 get so busy already?

I think if we can achieve the Perth move and the trip to London this year, that will be enough. Mum and Dad have said we can stay with them when we move to Perth for as long as we like which will be a huge help and the mortgage can wait for 2010, although I am desperate for us to have our own place.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Save my sleep

I now look back on life before Liam and wondered what the hell I did with all that spare time. Actually, I know. I sat on my arse a lot reading magazines and snoozing if I felt like it.

I started the Save our Sleep routine with him on Saturday. Richard went back to work yesterday and I was determined to get him into a routine once Richard went back as it felt like that's when my job started, just me and him and I wanted some level of control.

So far its going really well and it helps that I can plan my day accordingly. Yesterday was a great day but last night wasn't a great night. It took him about two hours to settle each time and when my alarm went off at 6.30am this morning I could hardly move. The dream feed at 10.30pm did nothing but get him super excited about the fairy lights I put up in our kitchen and dining room (I am becoming fairy light obsessed lately) with his head turning all sorts of angles to see them all.

They say you need to sleep when your baby is sleeping but what about the endless loads of washing, shirts to iron and house to clean? I need to be going to bed earlier I think.

Anyway, check out the bags underneath my eyes. I can't complain though because Liam is such a good little boy and his little wind smiles at 3am are just all worth it.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I've just looked at all the pictures I took of my belly during my pregnancy. I remember taking a shot when I was 11 weeks pregnant and thinking I definitely had a bump. Comparing that with the 42 week shot, there wasn't really a lot there.

I really miss my bump. Although I must say I am a million times happier that Liam is now finally here. I am starting to feel a bit of bump envy though. There would be mornings when I would love feeling the kicks when I lay in bed and everything was quiet.

Now, when I look at my body I am wondering if it will return to what it was or if my body has changed forever. I'm still wearing my maternity clothes and I haven't bought myself anything nice for summer. Hell, I'm not even sure what size I am at the moment...I think I am somewhere between a size 14-16.

I'm going to Perth in 3 and a bit weeks for a little holiday with Liam. Mum and Dad have a lovely pool in their backyard and its always hot I need to go and find a nice pair of bathers as well. The ones I have at the moment I am pretty much over. I just need to find a nice tankini or flattering one piece that will hide my very stretchmarked belly.

Or maybe my tankini days are over and a nice strapless one piece might be the go, this one looks quite nice:

Maybe me and the little man will take a trip into the city this week when the old man gets paid :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Middle aged...

Its my birthday soon. In three and a bit weeks. I also share my birthday with our wedding anniversary. This was a result of our reception venue only being available on that date and since we wanted our wedding on a Saturday, that's how it worked out.

Soooooo...I will be turning 34 and celebrating two years of wedded bliss. I still can't believe I got to 34 as quick as I did! Time indeed, passes by so quickly.

For my birthday, I've asked if Richard can get me a curling wand with a big barrel. I quite fancy having wavy hair this year, a bit like this piccie of Jessica Biel:

It would be nice to know where I am going to find the time, or the occassion rather to have my hair like this. However, we are going to a wedding in March and I quite fancy doing it for then so I will have to try and teach myself how to do it.

I have no idea what to get Richard for our 2nd anniversary. I'll have to put my thinking cap on. He deserves something lovely since I've been a bit of a mega-bitch lately, but its all due to tiredness.