Wednesday, January 7, 2009


2009 so far is shaping up to be a big year for the Spillane family.

Our goals for this year were to buy a house, move back to Perth and go back to London for a holiday.

Unfortunately I think its all going to be a bit too much, considering I am off work right now. I am due to go back in June, but Richard doesn't want me going back to my current role and I could think of nothing worse. Being a mum is the job I have always wanted, but I know I have to be realistic and if we want a mortgage, I do need to go back to work this year.

Richard came home with some great news last night. They gave him a rather generous pay rise, which considering these hard economic times is brilliant. He works really hard though, which means by the time he comes home its late and Liam is already in bed asleep.

Last night Richard said with work going so well here, it makes it harder to give it up and move to Perth. I understand that he needs a similar work opportunity in Perth, but I think moving to Perth is just going to be better for us in the long run. We can buy a house, have a more relaxed lifestyle, have family support and more space. Also, I have been away from home for nearly 7 years now and its been too long. I miss my family so much but I know us three are the priority as well.

Ideally I want to make the move before July. I've researched everything and done all the budgets. All Richard needs to do is find the right job to go to. We can definitely afford to make the move and have the London trip.

His brother is also getting married in September, so we need to organise flights pretty soon because I know it would be cheaper to book in advance.

Also, Richard's parents arrive for 6 weeks on the 4th March. How did 2009 get so busy already?

I think if we can achieve the Perth move and the trip to London this year, that will be enough. Mum and Dad have said we can stay with them when we move to Perth for as long as we like which will be a huge help and the mortgage can wait for 2010, although I am desperate for us to have our own place.


Simone said...

jo, 2009 is a busy year for us as well. moving countries, wanting to start trying for number 2 and find new jobs for alastair. sometimes you just have to take a risk with the the jobs and that is what we are doing. it may not work out but i need to move back to Australia... NOW! Actually, NOW is not soon enough so I am willing to take the big risk. you have to sometimes and I think things work out... heck, tricia told me they would so she is always right isn't she???

as for the mortgage, I agree. it can wait. in what order do you want things to happen?

Emily said...

I'm a Perth girl originally too and lived away from my family for nine years. I know how that pull to be with your family feels. Luckily mine have all now moved to Melbourne to be near me!

It must be so wonderful to be able see the things you want unfolding like this.

Joanna said...

Simone I agree. My dad says the same thing to Richard, take a risk, there are good jobs in Perth. The most important thing is we move back to Perth first and the rest will flow on from there.

I believe Tricia as well. She said we'd move to WA this year. She also said we'd move back to London at some point! I hope not, I don't mind going for a holiday but that's it!