Monday, January 26, 2009

Being an Aussie

Today is Australia Day as most of you will know. Its the perfect time to reflect on what is so great about living in Australia.

Here is my top then things I love about Australia:

1) Sunsets in WA, Sunrises in NSW
2) BBQ's in summer
3) Watching the cricket in the air-con, comatose on your couch on Boxing Day
3) Fireworks on NYE in Sydney and on Australia Day in Perth
4) All of our fresh fruit, meat and in Australia makes you feel healthier
5) Amazing beaches
6) The mateship of being an Australian...
7) Our sense of humour
8) Our Aboriginal history, I believe Dreamtime should be taught to all of our kids in primary school
9) Our beer!
10) That we live in the best country in the world

Happy Australia Day ...................... x

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