Friday, January 9, 2009

A good week..

I had a great week. Liam has settled into his routine really well and is now only waking up twice in the night and settling back to sleep quite easily. We've had lots of excursions out of the house this week and some nice moments together. I am still getting asked by the grannies in the supermarket if Liam is a boy or girl. One lady asked me this even though I had him dressed in denim shorts and a lime green singlet that said 'Bondi Boy'. I dress him in traditional boy colours so I am not sure if they are being polite or are just not sure.

I love our time alone together during the week. Each day we are getting to know each other that little bit better. I love being a mum soooooo much.

Today being Friday Richard has offered to do the food shopping after work and then take care of Liam tomorrow morning while I head out to do some clothes shopping. I have literally no clothes at the moment and I am sick of wearing my maternity skirt and maternity jeans. He is taking me out for dinner in the next couple of weeks to celebrate our anniversary/my 34th birthday and we have a babysitter for the night so I am keen to make an effort to look nice. There is a shop in Hunter Street called Barkins that do some lovely dresses for quite good prices, between $40 -$60 usually and I have a Myer voucher that mum gave me for Xmas. I had a look at Barkins online this morning and these have caught my eye:

The black dress on the left

And this one here, but I would probably buy a cardie or capelet to cover up the bingo wings

We haven't got much else planned for the weekend but I think we'll get out to the park if the weather is nice and hopefully go and have some lunch by the beach on Sunday. Our friends Paul and Gill come back from the UK on Sunday after 3 months, so I am looking forward to hearing from them and seeing them, I've really missed them.

I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you are up to :)



Simone said...

jo, get used to the is it a boy or girl comments. I get them still every now and again. it is much better asking if it is a boy or girl rather then them saying 'what is her name'. and worse still if it comes from your husban's grand mother. she says 'oliver is lovely, isn't she'!!!! I am serious, but she is 92 so I will excuse her.

Joanna said...

Are you kidding me that people still ask if Oliver is a boy or girl? He is very much a boy. Maybe its just the older generation I guess. Mum reckons Liam is very pretty which is why I get asked! Oh well. I love people asking about him anyway.

Amy said...

LOL Simone!!

I think some people want to talk to you about your bub but dont know what to say, so ask that question. I get asked about ELka all the time and she is nearly always wearing pink and a hair clip!

LOVE that black dress! Happy shopping :)