Monday, January 12, 2009

London calling

Well, its definite. We are going back for Richard's brother's wedding in London in September. He's getting married two days before Richard's 37th birthday.

Tonight we are going to sit down and work out a plan. This year (hopefully) is definitely going to be the Perth move and London trip. Both are equally important but I have a feeling Richard is holding back slightly on the Perth move. He got a pay rise when he went back to work this month and it was a good pay rise. His job is also really stable and he's making great inroads with all the projects that he has going on. I am really proud of him...

My husband loves to provide for us and is also someone who has to think for a while before he makes a big decision. And I love him for that as I am really spontaneous and get myself into the poo quite often by not being patient. But both of us are planners and we sit down and work out the pro's and con's before we make a decision, with me usually pushing for it.

Richard has also been asked to be best man too. Which is so nice of his brother to ask him.

Anyway, hopefully we can sort out something tonight. I really want to put a plan in place for Perth but I know that organising airfares for London will come first. I am just so eager to move back to Perth. I know I just have to be more patient and have faith that everything will work out how its supposed to.

Obviously, we just need to know where we are going to depart from - Sydney or Perth. And why am I thinking of really silly things that don't need to be thought about yet? Like where is Liam going to sleep when we stay with his parents? And would his brother and fiancee mind having him at the wedding? And what about car seats? And the flight itself? And won't Liam be eating solids then?



Amanda said...


I LOVE reading your blog! Your little family is perfect and Liam is just beautiful. Im so glad your going to London - Sounds like it will be a great holiday for all of you :) Dont stress until it gets closer. As mothers as soon as we hear something out of the ordinary we stress.

Take care
Amanda (from Ido)

Perth Accommodation said...

I think the flight from Perth to London is cheaper (?)... anyway I came across your blog and am sure what ever decision or action you do or don;t take will be the right one. It's all about the journey and experiencing what life has to offer.