Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marriage and birthday

Today is a lovely day because I celebrate my 34th year and our second wedding anniversary.
I still can't believe I am 34. I remember thinking when I was 21 that 34 was really old and it seemed I got here in 5 seconds flat. I love my 30's though. Its such a time of change but also one of feeling more comfortable and confident in your own skin and knowing what you want for the future.
And how did we get to two years of being married??? That went by quickly as well. I remember our wedding day being so hot, it was 43 degrees that day and everyone pretty much struggled through it. The upside of having a hot wedding day was having our reception on the beach and the sunset and lightening storm that night was all worth it.
I love being married and I love being 34 and a mum. I'm definitely where I wanted to be if I think about what I wanted when I was 21.
It still amazes me that Richard and I went from this:

To this:

Happy Anniversary sweetheart xx


Chantelle said...

Happy birthday my beautiful friend.

I am so happy for you.

Have a beautiful day and enjoy those little Liam snuggles. xx

Amy said...

what a wonderful two years you guys have had!

Happy celebrations! xoxo

(And I agree I swear I was only 21 about two seconds ago lol!)

Simone said...

happy 2nd anniversary jo.