Saturday, January 3, 2009

Middle aged...

Its my birthday soon. In three and a bit weeks. I also share my birthday with our wedding anniversary. This was a result of our reception venue only being available on that date and since we wanted our wedding on a Saturday, that's how it worked out.

Soooooo...I will be turning 34 and celebrating two years of wedded bliss. I still can't believe I got to 34 as quick as I did! Time indeed, passes by so quickly.

For my birthday, I've asked if Richard can get me a curling wand with a big barrel. I quite fancy having wavy hair this year, a bit like this piccie of Jessica Biel:

It would be nice to know where I am going to find the time, or the occassion rather to have my hair like this. However, we are going to a wedding in March and I quite fancy doing it for then so I will have to try and teach myself how to do it.

I have no idea what to get Richard for our 2nd anniversary. I'll have to put my thinking cap on. He deserves something lovely since I've been a bit of a mega-bitch lately, but its all due to tiredness.


Chantelle said...

I won't wish you Happy Birthday until the day... but I love that hair.

What's two years? Cotton?

I wish I could think of something, but I'm a tired cranky pants too.

I'll put my thinking cap on and get back to you if something pops up. x

Amy said...

Snap! I just got a curling iron for xmas cause that is the type of hair I want to do since I have grown my bob out.

Hmm pressie.. engraved cufflinks, a watch, a wallet with a wedding pic in it.. I am not feeling very original today!

Good luck thinking of something lovely! xoxo