Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mo Gro

Today Liam and I went to our first Mothers Group. Or Mo Gro as my friend Gill calls it. Or Mumsense as the Royal Womens in Randwick call it.

We got there nice and early. In fact I was up at 5.30am this morning as I thought I'd be late for the 10.30am start. Liam and I caught the bus in the Bjorn which I stressed about on the way as I forgot to check the weather forecast last night and today is a stinker.

Anyway, he had his hat and some cool clothing on.

We got to sit on bean bags and chat to other mummies with their babies too. It ranges from 0 weeks to 16 weeks and the girl sitting opposite me had a 12 day old baby.

I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people so I felt a bit nervous today. I don't know why. Everyone breastfed which made me feel self conscious and guilty as Liam is now on formula. Its just the way its turned out despite my best efforts for the first four weeks of his life. I had a lot of people ask me questions about formula and whether he got constipated..there seems to be so many different opinions flying around and one lady told me the formula I use guarantees constipated babies and I should go back to breast. I felt pretty shit after that.

Another lady also told me I had my Baby Bjorn completely the wrong way and re-did the whole thing for me in front of everyone - I know she was trying to be helpful but I don't that point I was tired, hot and flustered and wanted to go home. I have felt pretty confident about everything for the past 6 weeks and today's outing was to be a little celebration of how far we have come. Perhaps I had too many expectations for Mo Gro.

But...I will perservere. There were some nice ladies there and perhaps I am too quick to judge.

Tomorrow Liam and I go back to the doctors for me to have my 6 week check up and then next week is needles. Urgghhh...I am not looking forward to that...



Simone said...

what a nusiance that those women had to be like that.

Jo, don't feel quilty about bottle feeding. You have to do what works for you and baby. I used to top Oliver up with formula after breast and he was so much happier when I started that.

Try and persevere with it and stay clear of those two women. If you meet one nice person and all the rest not so nice, then it is all worth it.

One thing I will miss about being here is the friends Oliver and I have made.

Trailing Spouse said...

Big hugs Jo. Keep at it hun, I'm sure you'll gain at least one friendship from it. If not that's okay too, there are so many mummies out in the world that won't judge.

Stay true to you and your family. I think you're doing a fantastic job.xx