Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yesterday while talking to mum on the phone I mentioned that Rich, Liam and I are going back to London for three weeks in September. She's not happy. She doesn't think its right that we will be subjecting a 9 month old to an international flight. And what about terrorists she asked?

I can see her point to an extent. There are so many terrible things that happen in the world that I guess by making this trip with Liam we could be exposing ourself to a bit of risk, but come on, this is a family wedding and everything will be fine. If I worried about every little thing that could 'possibly' happen I would never leave the house!

I love my mum, she's my best mate and we get on so well, but I know I tell her too much. And this annoys my husband. But then I don't think husbands get the relationship between daughters and their mothers. But he is right I guess, there are some things I should keep to myself. She's very maternal my mum and fiercely protective of her kids and grandchildren, so she is always thinking of things that could happen. When my niece stays over at my parents house, mum will sleep with her in the spare room because they have a pool out the back without a fence and mum is scared she might sleepwalk and get in the pool.

Richard has also agreed that we will move back to Perth in June/July this year - yay! My parents have offered for us to stay with them for about 3 months. I'd say after we get back from London in October, we'll look for a rental and then look around to buy mid 2010. I can see mum will love having us back, but she'll have her opinions on things as well. She was like this before I left Perth and it used to do my head in a little.

But, she is my mum and I love her so much. If I can be half the mum she was to me, I know I will be doing something right.



Simone said...

hey jo, how exciting about setting a date for the move back to perth.

As for flying, you can't stay in all the time. Rich's family need to meet Liam as well.

We flew Oliver to Australia when he was only 7 months old. There was a baby next to us on the flight that was 12 weeks old.

Liv said...

I think it'll be alright. My sister travelled when she was 7 months old. and from personal observations most babies sleep through the whole thing. It's toddlers that find the flight difficult (because they are so active!) Good luck with the planning and move :)