Monday, January 5, 2009


I've just looked at all the pictures I took of my belly during my pregnancy. I remember taking a shot when I was 11 weeks pregnant and thinking I definitely had a bump. Comparing that with the 42 week shot, there wasn't really a lot there.

I really miss my bump. Although I must say I am a million times happier that Liam is now finally here. I am starting to feel a bit of bump envy though. There would be mornings when I would love feeling the kicks when I lay in bed and everything was quiet.

Now, when I look at my body I am wondering if it will return to what it was or if my body has changed forever. I'm still wearing my maternity clothes and I haven't bought myself anything nice for summer. Hell, I'm not even sure what size I am at the moment...I think I am somewhere between a size 14-16.

I'm going to Perth in 3 and a bit weeks for a little holiday with Liam. Mum and Dad have a lovely pool in their backyard and its always hot I need to go and find a nice pair of bathers as well. The ones I have at the moment I am pretty much over. I just need to find a nice tankini or flattering one piece that will hide my very stretchmarked belly.

Or maybe my tankini days are over and a nice strapless one piece might be the go, this one looks quite nice:

Maybe me and the little man will take a trip into the city this week when the old man gets paid :)


Trailing Spouse said...

I love that suit. The colours are so pretty and it screams tropical summer with cocktail in hand....obviously you might be juggling a cocktail and a bubba, but that's called multi-tasking! ;)

Joanna said...

Its amazing what you can do with one hand and a baby Gwen. I do think it would need a sarong though :)