Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Save my sleep

I now look back on life before Liam and wondered what the hell I did with all that spare time. Actually, I know. I sat on my arse a lot reading magazines and snoozing if I felt like it.

I started the Save our Sleep routine with him on Saturday. Richard went back to work yesterday and I was determined to get him into a routine once Richard went back as it felt like that's when my job started, just me and him and I wanted some level of control.

So far its going really well and it helps that I can plan my day accordingly. Yesterday was a great day but last night wasn't a great night. It took him about two hours to settle each time and when my alarm went off at 6.30am this morning I could hardly move. The dream feed at 10.30pm did nothing but get him super excited about the fairy lights I put up in our kitchen and dining room (I am becoming fairy light obsessed lately) with his head turning all sorts of angles to see them all.

They say you need to sleep when your baby is sleeping but what about the endless loads of washing, shirts to iron and house to clean? I need to be going to bed earlier I think.

Anyway, check out the bags underneath my eyes. I can't complain though because Liam is such a good little boy and his little wind smiles at 3am are just all worth it.


Amy said...

Aww hugs - the sleep deprivation can be so cruel.

We follow SOS and if it is any help I swear by it - Elka has slept for 12 hours straight at night for months now..

The dreamfeed takes a good week or two for them to get the "hang of it". It did really help us eventually drop the 3am feeds but it feels so wrong to be getting them up when you have finally got them down lol.

I am a control freak and I just love being able to know when is a good time of the day to go out etc

Good luck with it - tired or not you look very blissed with your gorgeous little man :)

Joanna said...

Thanks Amy. I hate waking him up for the dreamfeed but my SIL swears by it too so I will perservere. The days have been fantastic and I've been able to get so much done!