Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three more sleeps

This Saturday Richard is taking me out for dinner and cocktails. We have a lot to celebrate:

1) Liam
2) Our second wedding anniversary
3) My 34th (eek!) birthday
4) His recent payrise

Like a boring old married couple we've saved for this night for the past month so we can have a really good night. We have a babysitter organised, I am getting my hair done on Saturday morning and Liam and I are going shopping for a new dress tomorrow morning (my birthday present).

After hassling Richard all week, he's relented on the surprise and has told me we are going to Cafe Sydney. I had a look at their site tonight and have already decided what wine and main I would like. Yes, I am very sad.

I am sooooo excited. Its like a first date again.


Trailing Spouse said...

You'll love Cafe Sydney! Enjoy Jo, you deserve it.xx

Simone said...

hope you don't miss liam too much

Amy said...

ooh sounds so fun! Enjoy your pampering and I hope you have a gorgeous night :)

Its so nice to get that couple time :) (although I find all we do is talk about bub anyway lol!)


Kirrily said...

Another Cafe Sydney fan here - and another one who always decides what I'm going to have beforehand!!

Have a great night Jo!