Friday, January 23, 2009

Water water everywhere but not a drop to spare

I wish I could go to the beach and have a swim.

Its so hard to do with a 7 week old. I felt guilty enough taking him out in the pram this afternoon to Toys R Us across the road. I always worry if he is too cold or too hot, so when we got home this afternoon we both got in the shower and then lay on the bed with the air-con on.

This time last year Richard and I would spend every weekend without fail down at Clovelly or Wyllie's at Coogee. I love Wyllies and would just swim laps for ages.

Liam is just too young to spend any amount of time in the harsh sun and the thought of traipsing down the huge stairs at Wyllies with a baby gives me a big huge pain up my bum.

I think the best I am going to get this summer is my parents pool when I head home soon. Maybe Liam might like to partake in afternoon naps again and let me spend 15 minutes in the pool. He's not liking this hot weather too much the poor little tyke.

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Chantelle said...

It's so hard with a baby to swim, or go out in the sun. Their skin is so precious.

This time last year I was in the ocean for an hour most days. We would be out where we could only just touch the bottom.

Now we go when the sun isn't so harsh - about 8am/4pm and stay in the shallows.

I wouldn't be dressing him in more than a singlet. It's pretty hot.

Just think of next year, next Summer. You guys are going to be little beach bunnies!

Lacey loves the water. Even when it's really cold. Liam, hopefully, will too.