Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 3 month birthday Liam...

Liam is 3 months old today. Where did that time go?

It seems we have reached a few milestones. I get greeted with a smile every morning at 7am. I think he is starting to giggle but the giggle turns into a fake cough to get my attention. Its pretty cute.

I've also started to talk more his language...lots of 'aaahboo' and 'aaaahhhh' and 'oooooooohhhhh'. He seems to understand it because he will make similar sounds back to me. Its so beautiful watching him trying to communicate with me and I feel like we are having little conversations.

For the last two nights, Liam has slept through the night which is as most mum's will know, a very welcome and special treat. When he did it the first time I thought I hallucinated when I woke up and checked the clock on my mobile. Touch wood it continues but I usually think their sleeps are all over the shop in the first year.

He really is such a joy and blessing. My most favourite times with him are 4pm in the afternoons. We lay on my bed and watch the trees outside our window. We talk in our special little language and sometimes we just have a big stare-off which ends in lots of smiles. Everything is quiet and peaceful outside and the light from the mid afternoon dances all over the walls. After a hectic day its lovely to unwind and savour those precious little moments together. One of us usually nods off and then we awake about an hour later before its time for a bath.

I think we are so lucky to have Liam in our lives.
Happy 3 month birthday my little duck.... xxx

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Amy said...

Cute as a button and I can just imagine the peace and beauty of those afternoons.