Monday, February 2, 2009

Ladies night...

On Saturday night I had my first girls night out since Liam was born. Richard was very happy to get some one on one time with Liam and I was looking forward to catching up with the girls.

Sometimes, and they don't happen too often these days because we are all getting far too sensible, you have a terrific night. Saturday night the champagne flowed, Michael Jackson dance moves were impersonated and stretchmarks (ie me) were flashed in the girls loo. It would appear I lose all class after a few bubbles.

Unfortunately, Saturday night was a sad night too. One of my good friends in the picture above is having a break from her partner and I am so sad for the both of them. I love them both to bits and am really upset that things aren't working out for them. Sometimes I wonder why things have to change and am already wondering how it will affect our little group of couples. Anyway, that's life and these things happen. I really honestly hope they can work it out as I think they are terrific together.

Sunday of course was a bit of a write off. Yesterday I felt so guilty for indulging. I missed Liam like crazy. But of course, 6am Sunday morning, he gave me a lovely little present in his nappy to jolt me back to reality. Thank you ferrett... xxx

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