Monday, February 23, 2009

A lovely song....

Last night there wasn't much chop on telly, so Rich and I did what we always do, switch to the music channels.

On MAX Yumi Stymes did a bit of a piece on Jason Mraz. He has a song out now that Richard really loves. Both of us know we are constantly complaining about the shit music that seems to be invading the charts right now. I think we've even started a conversation with my younger brother who knows every lyric going around with 'back in our day....'.

That's when you know you have reached new levels of old-fartness.

Jason Mraz has gotten together with an artist from MySpace called Colbie Callait and come up with this gem: Lucky.

If Richard and I were getting married again (which I would love to do with Liam) and the three of us got to have a little dance together...this would be the song I would pick. The lyrics sum up everything I feel about Richard. Plus Liam loves having a dance any old time.



Chantelle said...

We must have been both listening to Colbie last night!

I love her song Capri - it reminds me of being pregnant with Lacey. So special.

That's so spooky. x

Joanna said...

Oooh how weird! I like Colbie...she has that whole beachy, curvy thing going on...