Saturday, February 28, 2009

Married with children

Richard and I had a big fight today.

I hate fighting with Richard. I really, really hate it.

We are under a bit of pressure at the moment with his parents arriving on Wednesday morning and a few other things. I had to go to an afternoon tea this afternoon and I didn't think it was a good idea to go as there were so many things to do around the house before his parents arrive and I thought between the two of us we could get it all done and amuse Liam in the meantime.

But I went and had a wonderful time and took Liam. He was a gem for the afternoon and I said to Richard we would get out of his hair so he could get some jobs done.

When he came to pick us up he said he decided to watch a movie instead and 'chill out'. I got so mad....

As much as I hate fighting with Richard, I hate knowing that Liam is hearing us argue. I remember when my parents argued and as a kid I hated it. I got really upset and couldn't stop crying. Our flat is like a tip at the moment and my hair is falling out everywhere due to the whole pregnancy/birth. I'm over my hair falling out and finding it everywhere.

Liam obviously picked up on the tension because he cacked it big style this afternoon. I took him out for a big walk and managed to calm myself down. After I put him down, we had a good chat about everything and managed to sort it out.

Having a baby is like throwing a hand grenade in your marriage. There are things I miss about the two of us prior to Liam, but you know, having Liam has made us closer and I love that. Its just that when the shit hits the fan and it inevitably does, you just need to try harder to get over the bad days.

Luckily I can't stay too mad at Richard. We are the best of friends again now and all those jobs got done quick smart when I got home :)


Chantelle said...

It is like throwing a hand grenade into your marriage.

With me being so tired Shane is constantly dodging my little land mines of tired tantrums.

It's always stupid things too, like how messy the house is or because he's not reading my mind! :P

Amy said...

Oh the tiredness made me so much grumpier. I also find there is so much to do at times that I get frustrated when hubby doesn't realise that its much better just to get things done and THEN relax!

oh and I hear you on the hair falling out thing - that drove me nuts - hair everywhere. Dont worry it does end (and you wont look bald!)