Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ramblings from a tired mum...

Only a few more sleeps till I am re-united with my beautiful husband. I missed him so much today. We don't celebrate Valentines really, except for the first year we got together and stayed in a hotel for the night. It just would have been nice to have a hug today.

As much as I have loved spending time with my parents these past few weeks, my heart is elsewhere right now. Two weeks away from Richard is just toooo long.

I don't think he is going to recognise Liam when we get back on Wednesday night. Liam has chunked up unbelievably, is farting and pooing like a champ, does THREE burps after each bottle in quick succession and is making lots of wonderful noises. I love talking to him and waiting for him to respond. The smiles I get from him just make my heart sing.

Today mum and I were shopping for clothes. She begged me to buy something for myself rather than Liam. I went into Target to find some cargo pants just to slob around in. While in the fitting rooms I decided to get vocal about my body and how its changed so much since I gave birth and how I have overhang...blah blah blah....

The lady in the cubicle next to me said 'at least you have a good excuse!'. She then looked at Liam and said 'you have the most beautiful baby girl with such long old is she?'. He was wearing a blue t-shirt that said 'Daddy's future Caddy'. I'm getting used to this happening a lot. Liam is rather pretty!

Last night I went out with my two old flatmates. One just got married and the other has just had her divorce finalised. We went out to a bar in Subiaco and then another one in the city. I feel so old when I go out now - not that is happens too much these days mind you. Everyone is so young! But I had a good time. My divorced friend is on the hunt again and I must admit I'd hate to be single...the pool gets a lot smaller after the age of 35 let me tell you. She had a Sven Goran Erikksen lookalike approach her.

Anyway, today I am tired (courtesy of three Cosmo's and two champagnes) and lovesick. I'd do anything to snuggle up to Richard tonight.

I hope you all felt the love today xx


Leila said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jo xxx

Amy said...

Not long till you can get nice hubby cuddles :)

I feel the same when I go out now - everyone is so young! And yes the single older men are generally not the pick of the bunch are they!

I love the little noises bubby's start making - they are just amazing!

Belinda said...

I also feel rather odd going out, like I stick out like a sore thumb. I'm feeling like a real old fart these days. More and more I find myself criticising young people and saying "when I was a kid/teenager ...."

*rolls eyes*