Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spots, sequins and fairy lights..

Since having Liam, I've become obsessed with spots, sequins and fairy lights.

The spots obession comes from my other obsession, Cath Kidston. She does fabulous kids clothes and homewares and uses lots of spots. While over in Perth I went on a few shopping expeditions with my mum and came across these gorgeous sheets for Liam's cot, aren't they beautiful? They had them in pink and green, but I had to get blue. Blue for a boy of course:

As for sequins, I am pretty sure I am a frustrated showgirl at heart. I remember my cousins dancing costumes that my auntie made and I was always fascinated with how the sequins sparkled in the light. If I see a piece of clothing with a sequin on it, I am instantly in love with it. Perth has a great DFO place called Harbourtown, and it was in this shop I FELL IN LOVE with these two items:

A silver caplet reduced from $80 to $10 (the rose is something I purchased separetely but want to base an outfit around):

Then this gorgeous tux style tank for $20 - bargain!

I think it goes perfectly with the Skull and Crossbone scarf I purchased at Sportsgirl after Xmas, but haven't worn yet. Do you know a mum with an 11 week old that wears Skulls and Crossbones and Sequins? I am awaiting the perfect opportunity to wear it:

Fairy Lights stem from my obsession with Nigella Lawson. I love her. While breastfeeding Liam over Xmas, they ran Nigella episodes back to back on the Food channel and I noticed she had fairy lights in her house - everywhere. So I tried the same with our kitchen:

Soooo...those are a few of my favourite things right now. But this little cherub is my absolute favourite! Maybe I could wear the sequins and scarf for him?

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Amy said...

Ooh great shopping - I love that black singlet with your scarf!

I am a huge fairy lights in house person - we always have them scattered around :) so pretty!