Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to the jungle

I am so impressed with my boy. We made the plane journey to Perth in fine form and he was a hit with the other passengers. When I booked online I thought I had booked a seat towards the end of the plane but I was in the middle. Anyway, at least it was an aisle seat which was great fun for Liam as he spent most of the flight with his head cocked around my seat looking up and down the aisle. And he loved the tv's on the back of the seats which kept him amused for hours. Unfortnately I wasn't prepared to pay Richard Branson $10 to watch Foxtel so we had to watch the same Fifi Box commercial at least a thousand times.

I even got time to down a few crackers and some juice!

My mum burst into tears when she saw us. I was so happy to see her! Everytime I land in Perth I feel the weight off my shoulders and feel ahhhhhh...I love that there is hardly any traffic, everything is so S P A C I O U S and the sun is always shining. Oh, how I miss you Perth.

It seems the entire extended family was at mum and dad's when we got home. Everyone was so keen to meet him. Poor Liam, he freaked out with so many people. He's so used to having mum and dad potter around him and living in a pretty chilled out environment. The number one rule in my family is if you can't be heard, talk louder. Then his cousin Charlie was all over him. She was literally bursting at the seams... 'Jo-Jo, can I hold him? Can I feed him? Can I pat his bottom? Can I sleep in his cot?'. She followed me around all day yesterday, even when I was pacing the kitchen burping him. When she left last night she said 'Jo-Jo, I love boys but I love Liam the most'.

Last night when I collapsed into bed a thought occured to me. Richard and I have been largely on our own for five years without any family around us. We've made our own rules and our own decisions. Within the space of 7 hours, I'd had 30 different opinions thrown at me on how to settle Liam, or when to feed him and whether I should change him. I'm not used to it. And when we move back to Perth this is something that will happen on a regular basis.

Anyway, its great to be here. But I miss Richard so much and I suspect Liam does too.


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Simone said...

just tell them all where to go when they offer advise and tell them you know best.